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March 9, 2023 Horoscopes Are Disappointing For 3 Zodiac Signs

With our Waning Gibbous Moon now in Libra, we may find that we, too, in our way, are waning in energy and resolve. Something that only recently charged us with power and pursuit now feels lacking; we will change our mind on this day, March 9, because changing our reversing course altogether seems to be the most natural move.

This comes with a degree of disappointment. We may have had our hearts set on something, and today’s revelations tell us that it would be foolish to proceed. This isn’t necessarily about radical choice; it’s more about being unable to help it. Something has changed in us, and there is no going back. Discovering what has changed may make us sigh with resignation, as we know that we cannot do whatever we had our hearts set upon doing.

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For three zodiac signs, this ‘disappointment’ or upset may come in the form of a person, as in, we ‘thought they were someone they aren’t.’ Today brings that knowledge into the light. We may feel disappointed with someone in our life, someone whom we were counting on to provide this, that or the other thing for us. Fate has it that this person — or situation — cannot be, and this is because the waning gibbous moon has pulled all of the energy out of its potential.

Three zodiac signs with rough, disappointing horoscopes on March 9, 2023:

1. Gemini

(May 21 – June 20)

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