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Astrology by Lisa Stardust 


Mars in Gemini aspects Venus in Aries on March 11 and Neptune in Pisces on March 14. These energies will make us want to move toward love — even if we are scared or confused about what we want and the future. Mercury in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus harmonize on March 11, opening our minds to new ideas. 


With spring coming in the next week, it’s a wonderful time to do a little cleanup and detox in your home. Think of this as your pre-spring cleaning. Donate all the goods, items, and clothes that you don’t want anymore to goodwill. The fewer material objects you have that you don’t need — the energetically lighter you’ll feel.


Believing in yourself and keeping the faith will lead you to greater connections with others. Positivity will attract all the things you desire. Therefore, it’s important to keep a good mentality and vibrant attitude this week. You never know what greatness can come to you if you maintain an optimistic mindset.


For those beginning new projects and endeavors, the workload you have consumes your mind throughout the upcoming days and can really provide detailed insight into your increasing need to ask for help. You can’t go at it alone — even if you have the ambition to accomplish everything at once.


You have a lot of action going on around you throughout this entire week. Your intelligence can and will get you through almost anything — even the current obstacles you are personally facing. Your ability to size up a situation is going to help a lot of people in your community.


You might have to work through your emotional and rational world’s problems throughout the week. You may not want to express your sentiments to others, which means you’ll be holding a lot in. This is going to bring a series of ups and downs — so be kind to yourself.


It’s a bit of a spiritual awakening time for your sign. You’ll get in touch with a deeper side of yourself and might even feel inclined to go on an internal quest. The real work starts from within, also highlighted through getting advice from your inner circle who you love.


Your partnerships are extremely strong and deeply felt by all around you. There is a lot of compassion for loved ones. This is an excellent week for the guidance and kindness that’s being directed your way. You might have family and friends who really want to send kindness your way.


This is a perfect time to communicate your ideas to others. Maybe you didn’t see something before that you now realize was right in front of your eyes. Reaching out to someone who can help you set it up logistically can add more organization. This requires a group effort.


There is news of a financial windfall this week. Pay attention to what is going on around your finances and strike while the iron is hot. New investments could lead to a high payback if you are open to attaining abundance and prosperity throughout the upcoming days of the week.


You’ve always been an extremist, and this is the perfect week for you to let yourself experiment with all the different possibilities offered to you now. At times you might be jumping into unknown territories, but it is all the better for you to be directly involved in your pursuits.


Life is bringing you spiritual lessons. Maybe you’ve been asking yourself the more profound questions and are ready to apply them to your everyday business proceedings. Either way, your sign is not for the faint of heart, which is why you were incarnated into this specific existence for a reason.


You are fully supported by the universe and the power of love. There is an unexpected surprise moving through the week that can really brighten the days ahead. As long as you are open to the amazing opportunities that the world is currently bringing you, then you should be golden.


Connections from your past just might pop up out of nowhere. Much of this week brings back nostalgic feelings that force you to deal with old and current karmic entanglements. This is a moment in which fate takes your hand to bring people into your life that will change it.

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