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your forecast March 10th…

A warm hello.

Look at this build up in Pisces!  

There’s the Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Saturn – and this strong emphasis indicates a growing focus and emotional engagement in the area of your life that all this applies to for you.

In the next 7 days, this many-faceted astrological blend will bring promising opportunities and developments but also practical challenges and confusing issues to work through and sort out.

   All this Pisces emphasis for you indicates there’ll finally be action with a domestic or property repair or project, you’ll be able to clear up some unfinished business or complete an unfinished task, family engagements will increase, a health, diet or fitness endeavour will ask more of you and reconnecting with people you go way back with will spark a feast of reminiscing.   A passing opportunity to clear up a misunderstanding with another will be your chance to set the record straight.
TAURUS.   This strong Pisces accent applies to your hopes and wishes – you’ll reflect at length on what you really want from life, a relationship or special things you want to do, you’ll pour energy into reconnecting with loved ones and old friends you can’t wait to see, you’ll cultivate new connections you’d like to nurture and you’ll enjoy fun activities and outings or going to places you’ve always wanted to go; organizing all this and the costs involved may take some thoughtful management, there may also be some unspoken insecurities or anxieties to resolve as you go.
GEMINI.   The build up of Pisces energy falls here in your career or direction zone: you’ll embrace a big task or opportunity, on the job or personally, to show what you can do and prove your salt – it will build your reputation or forge a new path; you’ll set some big goals Geminis and work towards achieving them!   Also, there may be changes of personnel or duties on the job to handle, increasing personal responsibilities to manage and some vague boundaries to clarify as you go.
CANCER.   This strong Pisces energy for you indicates that travel plans or special plans with a distant loved one will grow.   Exploring a new place or meeting a new group of people will expand your view of the world – it will be fun and it’ll offer new personal and social experiences.   Alternatively or as well as, going back to a place or reconnecting with people you haven’t seen for a long time may spark reflective, nostalgic moods.   A growing interest will bring an absorbing learning curve.   Legal business or some official documents and paperwork will need to be sorted out patiently.
LEO.   This build up in Pisces for you signifies a lot of financial business – there’ll be the chance to move forward with an ambitious but complicated financial undertaking, you could buy something that’s expensive and special to you or you could proceed with expensive plans.   You’ll need to do your research and take careful financial steps, so it’ll be important to ask any questions that are on your mind, to proceed with confidence.   There’ll be tax, super or insurance matters or a contract to sort out too.
VIRGO.   The Pisces accent, falling here in your relationship zone, indicates you’ll pour a lot of energy into making those nearest and dearest to you happy, you’ll think about your relationships and the people in your life trying to figure them out, and you’ll do your very best to help and support them with their plans and commitments or to deal with their problems.   There’ll be opportunities to build or heal some relationships but there may also be awkward or touchy situations to soothe.
LIBRA.   Here is the Pisces energy build up: it’ll bring opportunities to distinguish yourself on the job or with a special personal commitment you take seriously and you’ll go the extra mile!   A health pursuit or goal will also be an increasing focus.   You’ll need to avoid promising more than you can handle in the days ahead though and you’ll need to organise a tight schedule to fit everything in; any vague plans or arrangements will need to be pinned down!
SCORPIO.   You can see this strong Pisces accent – it falls here in your 5th house: increasing commitments with loved ones plus throwing yourself into special plans with loved ones will add new dimensions to your relationships.   A personal or creative undertaking that’s really important and meaningful for you will require organized follow through.   Extra costs with a fun but special occasion may be uncertain; keep your eye on your spending so you know where to draw the line.  
SAGITTARIUS.   This Pisces energy build up applies to your home and family life: a special family occasion plus a big domestic or family project will be an exercise in thoughtful organization.   You could splurge on household items and your family.   A long-awaited family get-together will be a chance to build or rebuild a family connection.   You could reconnect with an old friend of the family.   A sensitive family discussion, handled diplomatically, will be an opportunity to ease an old upset.
CAPRICORN.   All this Pisces energy points to exciting new projects for you and there’ll be much to learn as you go.   A short trip or change of scene will enable you to explore an interesting place or reconnect with a distant relative or friend, you’ll also enjoy the company of people who wouldn’t normally cross your path.   Catching up with someone you can’t wait to see will be a special joy for the heart.   A challenging conversation will be the chance to address a nagging issue with another but you’ll need to feel your way carefully.
AQUARIUS.   This striking Pisces accent applies to your finances and possessions – You’ll research and calculate special but costly plans and purchases and take action that you’ve been thinking about for some time.   A boost to your earnings will give you more money to play with.   A financial arrangement may be a little confusing; pinning down the details will help you define this.   Finally, keep extra funds aside for fun outings and spontaneous spending and it will smooth the way.
PISCES.   The Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn are all in your Zodiac Sign!   With this major astrological accent – you’ll be the centre of attention, other people will reach out to you, there’ll be fun, special and exciting plans to look forward to plus a tempting career or personal offer will be a joy!   It will take clear organized efforts to manage all that you want to do!   You may feel a little uncertain about a relationship or personal situation though and the best way forward; be patient, let time guide you!

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