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Jupiter conjunct Chiron and the Ides of March — Astrology By Lauren

Caesar: Who is it in the press that calls on me? I hear a tongue shriller than all the music cry “Caesar!” Speak, Caesar is turn’d to hear. Soothsayer: Beware the ides of March. ~ Shakespeare (Julius Caesar, Act 1)

This year right about the time of the last quarter moon, just at the ides of March, Mars comes back to complete a cycle that began last Fall. At the end of October, Mars stationed retrograde while square the nebulous planet Neptune. It is doing so again this coming week, but with a few friends in tow. At the Last Quarter Moon (which is on the 14th, not the 15th, but close enough), the Moon in Sagittarius will oppose Mars in Gemini, while also square Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. This creates a t-square, a configuration that is often associated with conflict. As a result, anyone with sensitive points in their chart at about 25º of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) will feel this one.

It may not bring the sense of betrayal and backstabbing that Caesar experienced, but you could find yourself immersed in a well of deception, confusion and/or confabulation.  These are probably not the best days for making major decisions, as it will be difficult to separate fact from fiction. Rather, wait for the fog to lift before committing to an agreement or signing on the dotted line. 

Neptune is the Lord of Obfuscation, and within the darkest murky vagaries of the Neptunian gaslit world, we are told to blame that group, or scapegoat this one, read only this author, or only listen to that authority. All the while we are being led down the garden path into oblivion. The worst part of this transit will find us feeling duped, second-guessing everything, doubting ourselves, and being quite convinced that we are losing our minds. 

In the mundane world Neptune can bring floods, storms, a breach of boundaries, and noxious elements, such as gases or poisons. We become aware of hypocrisy, misinformation, propaganda, and manipulative messaging. We feel unsure of ourselves and others, and wonder what else is going to be crawling out of the back of the closet when all is said and done. 

Mars was square Neptune for a full two months in October and November, so we can surely make it through this one week. However, with the added emphasis from the last quarter Moon on the 14th, we could find ourselves moving away from certain people and circumstances that are undermining our self-worth, taking us for a ride, or complicating our lives in ways that are no longer worth our precious time. This last quarter moon is good for cleaning and clearing out that which feels negative and/or toxic, and is no longer serving our best interest. 

Some positive ways to use the mutable t-square Neptune energy this week, (that will also help to facilitate this cleansing process): 

  • Feed your imagination in a positive way: Watch a good movie; read a good book; do art; sing; dance; daydream and get lost in a fantasy.

  • Do something that connects you to spirit: meditate, pray, read inspiring texts. Take long walks in nature or by the water. Reflect, journal, read the cards and visit the oracles. 

  • Release: let go of that which you no longer need to carry around with you. Forgive. Let go. Shake off the old leaves of regret, anger, dismay and sorrow, in order to make room for something better to take root. 

  • Slow down in order to find wisdom in the present moment. Pay attention, and you will see more, hear more, and feel more. Honor each moment by being present with it. 

  • Perform random acts of kindness and compassion. Stop to share a kind word, listen and be present for others. 

A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of blessings. ~ Hippocrates

Also this weekend is the conjunction of Jupiter and Chiron at 14º of Aries. This conjunction has been already infiltrating our lives, made all the sweeter by a conjunction from Venus earlier this month, when everyone was snapping pictures of Venus and Jupiter ‘kissing’. Unbeknownst to the naked eye, she was kissing Chiron as well.

Chiron is not a planet. It is a Centaur, which is something betwixt and between an asteroid and a comet. Drawn into our solar system from the Kuiper Belt, these centaurs temporarily take up residence in our solar system. With a very oblique and elliptical orbit, Chiron travels in the area between Saturn and Uranus (for the most part) and is something of a gateway to the more transcendent planets and denizens of the outer edges of our solar system.

Like a messenger from beyond, Chiron seems to have been drawn into our Solar System, to impart his wisdom and knowledge to those of us blind souls traveling here. Sometimes with Chiron we can feel like something of an alien, an outcast, misunderstood, and vulnerable. But with Chiron bolstered up by Jupiter this month, there is this deep wisdom and compassion that can arise. Through Chiron we come to better understand the human condition for what it is, with all its weaknesses, wounds and vulnerabilities. 

Conjunctions point to new beginnings. All the more so when they occur in the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Much like the resurgence of life in the spring time, so we are also filled with the raw life force moving us to take action and begin anew. JUPITER/CHIRON is the Wise Teacher; the Pathfinder; the Healer and Soothsayer. Working together, Jupiter and Chiron bring opportunities to understand, learn and then teach others about their own Healing Journey.

This new beginning, can also be a willingness to say, No More. No More to old patterns of behavior that are no longer valid for where you are now. No More to the inclination to just go along with the crowd instead of listening to your own conscience. No More to neglecting your own needs for the sake of others, or to make them feel comfortable with themselves. This is when the Healer is being asked to Heal Thyself. This is when the Caregiver is asked to take care of themselves. Jupiter/Chiron in Aries is reminding us that in order to be a better caregiver/healer/teacher/guide to others, we need to start by taking care of and healing ourselves. 

This is a new beginning. Something of a rebirth. It could greatly benefit those who are in Chironic fields: the healers, caregivers, teachers and guides. Those who serve as an inspiration or an example for others to follow. But it can also bring a very strong incentive to initiate your own healing and/or spiritual journey. And bring ever deeper meaning to your life in the process. 

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