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Saturn into Pisces – Virgo Full Moon, Nobody’s Perfect, Jupiter – Chiron & the Healing Journey

The Astrology Blog 27 February 2023

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Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

Michelangelo – born 6 March 1475


“If you don’t heal what hurt you, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.”




In the meantime here’s the link to Elisabeth’s latest blog about the long trek of Mars through Gemini. When we were catching up on the phone the other day we agreed that we’d both underestimated how problematic this was going to be, but we’re on the home stretch!

To put this in perspective Mars usually spends two months travelling through each sign but because of the long backward loop in the middle this trip through Gemini has been the scenic route, taking 7 months –

  • 20 August Mars entered Gemini
  • 30 October – got as far as 25 degrees Gemini and then turned retrograde
  • 12 January – backtracked to 8 Gemini and then turned direct
  • 16 March – will come “out of shadow” – ie will get back to 25 Gemini, the degree at which originally turned retrograde
  • 25 March – will leave Gemini and enter the next sign of Cancer

So Mars has been going forwards and backwards in one of Mercury’s signs all this time. I said the other day to someone that I felt as if I were working under a permanent retrograde Mercury and this is where I would locate the astrology for that! Nearly every client, especially in the last few weeks, has had planets at or very close to these super sensitive degrees of Mars’s turning points, 8 and 25 Gemini (or opposite points of 8 and 25 Sagittarius), and things that should have been astrologically clear cut on paper have turned out to be a lot more complex or hard hitting.

These degrees are relevant to me as I have 3 of my 4 Sagittarius planets at these degrees, 2 of them in the 2nd House (money) and all 4 of them in the line of fire. Several extra expenses were predictable in this sense, which turned out to include physiotherapy after putting my back out over Christmas and then my neck a month later (Mars is pain) and now a new computer (ordered, quickly and easily under yesterday’s Sun – Uranus, planet of technology). One of the reasons that the blog is late is down to techno problems at the end of last week. The writing (Gemini) was clearly on the wall and even though things like all course material are all backed up on a memory stick I got the message – get a new computer, before you have to.

Sunday – the day I would normally write the blog – brought a new drama. My niece in the UK was out in the countryside with her dog Lossie, who was running in and out of high grass. Tragically a very sharp grass or twig pierced one of the dog’s eyeballs. These things happen in a nanosecond, she said Lossie was howling with a sound she didn’t know was possible, and it was a frantic rush to the PDSA (charity vet in UK).

Mars is jumping off the page. This planet of warfare rules all things done at speed, all things sharp and pointed, everything that cuts, including the surgeon’s scalpel, and is a key planet for surgery. The injury was even more serious than she’d feared, it was beyond their scope, and it took all day to get Lossie to a veterinary hospital and then emergency surgery. I’ll spare you all the further details but the bill was a crippling £2,500 and that’s before follow up appointments. No insurance. So if you rely on PDSA the bitter pill to swallow lesson is that they can’t cover everything.

So we have another two and a half weeks to go of Mars in Gemini, coming out of shadow next week. Keep your wits about you and don’t risk take. DO focus on multi (Gemini) tasking (Mars) and on how you communicate, especially in any touchy or already painful situation. If in doubt, say nothing for the time being!


Here’s your “at a glance” picture and we can see that the first two big events of the week both fall today (Tuesday), the Full Moon followed less than an hour later by Saturn’s change of sign. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are also all in the picture in a lively way, as we travel towards the third big feature of Jupiter conjunct Chiron at the weekend –

Monday 6 March

  • Sun 15 Pisces sextile Uranus 15 Taurus 13.43

Tuesday 7 March

  • Full Moon 16 Virgo 12.42
  • Saturn ingress Pisces 13.35

Friday 10 March                

  • Mercury 14 Pisces semi-sextile Jupiter 14 Aries 22.05

Saturday 11 March

  • Venus 23 Aries sextile Mars 23 Gemini 15.06
  • Mercury 15 Pisces sextile Uranus 15 Taurus 21.05

Sunday 12 March

  • Jupiter conjunct Chiron 14 Aries 09.00



Quite often we get a dance between three bodies playing out over a period of time. This week we have the Sun and Mercury both reaching the middle degrees of Pisces and therefore both aligning with Uranus, the Sun at the beginning of the week and Mercury at the end. The Sun and Mercury then stay close travelling companions until making the exact conjunction at 26 Pisces at the end of next week (Friday 17th, interestingly the day after Mars comes out of shadow).

Next week will also bring another triple act between the Sun, Mercury and Neptune (Sun and Mercury will both conjunct Neptune, followed by the Sun-Mercury conjunction) so there’s a lot of teamwork going on. Pay close attention to any situation that starts to unfold this week as there may be signs and links to what lies ahead over the next week or so, especially if you have planets at or close to 15 or 25 degrees Pisces (or opposite sign of Virgo) or 15 Taurus (or opposite sign of Scorpio).

So more about Neptune next time but for now the focus is on Uranus, unpredictable wild child, the springer of surprises and thrower of curved balls, anyone’s guess. But one thing’s for sure with Uranus and that’s the unusual, the unexpected, sudden changes of plan or something not turning out as expected for reasons beyond our control.

Look out for links in the chain in terms of events just within this week too – eg yesterday (Sun – Uranus) I got the ball rolling with the new computer, and as it turns out Friday or Saturday (Mercury – Jupiter, Mercury – Uranus) are the only days when I’d be free for the big job of transferring all my files from the old computer to the new. I’ve then got the learning curve of Windows 11!!

Uranus is also the ruler of the collective, everything from “the people” of a place, a country, the world through to our own circle of friends, colleagues and those with whom we gather to share interests. I’ve often noticed that harmonious aspects involving Uranus can show as good news for our social life, like spontaneous get togethers or invitations.

Note along the way that we also have a minor aspect between Mercury and Jupiter on Friday evening, which is an indication of things like good news, helping hands or a fun night out. It’s also good for information gathering for Jupiter related subjects – primarily foreign travel, higher education, publishing, legal concerns.


So the Full Moon happens at that moment each month when the Moon lines up exactly opposite the Sun, hence receiving all of the Sun’s light and being wholly visible in our night sky. So we never have to ask, What sign is the Full Moon in? If we know that we’re in the Pisces (Sun) time of year then the Moon has to be in the opposite sign of Virgo. A New Moon is when they’re both in the same sign at exactly the same place.

If you’re new to astrology here’s a quick checklist of the opposites –

  • Aries – Libra
  • Taurus – Scorpio
  • Gemini – Sagittarius
  • Cancer – Capricorn
  • Leo – Aquarius
  • Virgo – Pisces

The theme of opposites is always there at Full Moon time but this one is being underlined by the fact that it coincides with Saturn moving into Pisces. To put that in perspective Saturn with a 29.5 year cycle changes sign roughly only every 2 and a half years. The less frequent an astrological event, the more weight it carries.

As far as this year goes we’re concerned with the first 7 degrees of Pisces –

  • 7 March – Saturn arrives in Pisces
  • 17 June – Saturn turns retrograde at 7.12 Pisces
  • 4 November – Saturn turns direct again at 0.30 Pisces

In other words if you have planets or Angles anywhere in these first 7 degrees then you are going to have a Saturn transit over that point three times this year. You need to look up the transit in an Ephemerides to get the exact dates.

If you have planets or Angles in the first 7 degrees of Virgo then you will be experiencing the Saturn transits by opposition. Because it takes so long to work through we think of these transits as being the backdrop to a period of time rather than showing us one isolated event.

The nature of Saturn – main principle is contraction – the opposite to Jupiter’s expansion. If Jupiter is “yes”, Saturn is “no”. He is known as the Greater Malefic, the bringer of solemnity, restriction, obstacles, boundaries and endings. He rules authority, career building, duty and responsibility, including to our loved ones. Saturnian events can take the shape of the things that are seemingly dumped on us or that we are powerless to change. His nature is pessimistic, realistic and serious, but results come through being hardworking, constructive and committed. Saturn loves goals and projects.

Saturn in Pisces – not an easy combination, to have Saturn in Neptune’s sign. Everything from legitimate and authentic suffering to victim role. I feel that a lot of imminent experiences will be about the need for care and compassion, learning not to drag around our hurts and grievances like a ball and chain. Liberation from our early damage, so that we don’t let others suffer for the wrongs done by others, is also part of the Jupiter – Chiron this week and the reason I chose the quote at the top of the page.

In terms of single events though the Full Moon symbolism still counts – enlightenment, illumination, things coming full circle or going crazy (lunacy). Pay close attention to anything that “comes to light” for you, today or over the next couple of weeks (ie before the next lunation which will be the New Moon at 1 Aries, so at the time of the Spring Equinox). Look out for the Virgo hallmarks – hard work, health, developing skills and crafts, attention to detail. And this is the other Mercury sign, Virgo being Mercury’s feminine sign and Gemini being the masculine.

This Full Moon falls on my Midheaven (top Angle of the chart, beginning to 10th House of career) and I’ve NEVER been so snowed under with admin as I am right now as many Summer School bookings have come in a lot earlier than usual and hardly anyone has booked a package. This means that I’m sending flight info, sourcing and booking rooms like crazy, sending photos, arranging deposits for property owners, making lists for prebooking my taxis for airport transfers and generally making sure that everything is properly organized. Historically I know that the more attention I pay to detail at this stage the easier things will flow when everyone actually gets here. This feels like the Virgo – Pisces polarity – all the work and admin so that everyone has a lovely time learning an esoteric subject by the sea!

And as I write my niece is back at the vet, in spite of being collared and grounded Lossie has managed to knock out the protective contact lens over her stitches. Reminded me that the eyes in astrology are symbolized by the Sun and the Moon – the Lights. So this really fits the Full Moon and Saturn’s change of sign – a whole new regime having to be put in place and a situation that is going to take a long time to heal.


Having dealt with the difficulties of Mars above there is at least one high spot in the shape of a harmonious link with Venus at the weekend. Venus is currently in Aries – Mars’ masculine sign – and certainly in my client work this last week the Aries theme of being yourself and standing up for yourself have shown very strongly.

When the two planets align with each other this indicates agreements, the meeting of minds, choosing what’s right for you whilst still honouring the needs of the other, enjoying your compatibility or meeting someone new. For some this aspect will be about love choices as Gemini is the sign of the twins and often indicates “twos” or even more.

Jupiter and Chiron also meet up in Aries –

Saturday 11 March

  • Venus 23 Aries sextile Mars 23 Gemini 15.06

Sunday 12 March

  • Jupiter conjunct Chiron 14 Aries 09.00

Last Friday we had the Venus – Chiron conjunction and, again in my work, I noticed the themes of illness and the impact of this on families, emotional wounding and the challenges of being emotionally vulnerable in our relationships OR how to be with or help those who have clearly never dealt with their early wounding, and are therefore stuck on repeat. Some people find it impossible to recover from early abuse, others learn to soar above it – like Maya Angelou.

But it’s never too late to heal. I firmly believe this. Not in the sense of waving a magic wand to make the hurt go away, but as a journey in coming to terms with what happened. We’ve all got our demons but Jupiter is the generous Greater Benefic, the traveler, whose job it is to expand our horizons, remove our blinkers, reclaim our faith and our optimism. Jupiter is the liberator and the protector, and the work of therapy more often than not reveals that being happy is a choice.

This is going to be an ongoing theme next week with all that Neptune sloshing around, Venus making a final aspect to Pluto and Mars coming out of shadow, but it will be a time of making transitions, paving the way to the Spring Equinox which is suddenly not that far away.

Until next week, with love from Greece



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