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Split attention. Mars Square Neptune,

Mars the planet of warriors, macho, initiations, entrepreneurs, defenders and testosterone has been in Gemini for what seems like forever, doesn’t it? Actually Mars has been in Gemini since Saturday, August 20, 2022 To Saturday, March 25, 2023 is 218 days inclusive.

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Exact on March 14, This apect can mean a declaration of war. This is actually on the cusp of happening. Delusions of grandeur, split attention,dream sequences, dreamy surreal conversations. Dueling cavaliers, wars of words. Romantic bubble burstingespecially now with Saturn in PISCES.

This aspect is in effect during the Academy Awards which always happend during Pisces season. Things are not always what they seem.

Mars is heading up to a hard square with Neptune planet of spirituality, intuition, dreams, projections, illusions, debt, oil, glamour, Hollywood, false gurus, at 24+ ° Pisces in the next few days.

Neptune is in modern rulership in Pisces since 2011. We’ve got until 2026 for Neptune to foreclose on its own sign and complete a 158 year cycle of spirituality, images, religious beliefs, hidden things, mysteries, debt, brainwashing, beauty standards, oil, and karma.

As the duelling duality aspect gets tighter things can be felt to reach a peak but also a breach. The world has been manipulated through Gemini ruled advertising, mass media, merchandizing, social media and Hollywood, into creating totally opposed sides with no solid meeting place at all. We’re all into another opposiing view faction, “conspiracy theory” or alternative way of thinking, or debatable idea.

Clashes of words, media, and news heats up. Be careful of being caught in your own shadow projection with your pants down.

Gemini’s dual nature can seriously get them into trouble right now.

It’s easy to feel mentally confused under Neptune’s spells. It can Feel like mercury retrograde. Definitely Do be careful taking any drugs, alcohol, medications, shrooms, etc. as your sensitivity is heightened and your judgement is off.

Do work with your dreams the royal road of the soul. Watch for mirror issues and people on your dreams, literal mirrors, roads, waterways, and dual matures people showing both sides.

Arguing can be a waste of time, angry words up in smoke. Be more mindful of what you are saying.

If you have planets at 18-25° Gemini/ Pisces/ Virgo and Sagittarius you will feel this face off more fully.

All signs will feel it. Air signs-GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS and Water signs-CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES from 19-25 degrees get the grand trines.

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