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9 Best Crystals For Aquarius Energy

Crystals make a wonderful part of your healing stone collection. They are cute and simple tools used for healing or protection, but also signature statements for any wardrobe.

Since Aquarius is known to be an eccentric nature and free spirit, it’s the perfect zodiac sign to utilize crystals. Their confidence in themselves helps them make carefree decisions without overthinking and remaining true to themselves.

Aquarius energy and characteristics

An air sign, Aquarius is known for its intelligence and open mind. That said, they are also prone to overthinking and can be hard to understand. Aquarians are social butterflies. And, as great as this is, it can sometimes hinder their inner potential. Because of their free-spirited attitude, they can at times make impulsive decisions that they ultimately regret.

As a fixed sign, Aquarius tends to be quite stubborn, which can often feel contradictory to their out-of-the-box way of thinking. While they’re open to new ideas, they tend to be stuck in their own ways and hard to pin down.

Crystals have a great way of helping people find this balance by giving them a sense of energy that offsets the overbearing trait. Each crystal has a specific property that can help Aquarius make the best out of its characteristics, both positive and negative.

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Best crystals for Aquarius energy

The best Aquarius crystals are aquamarine, garnet, hematite, moonstone, lepidolite, red jasper, amethyst, rose quartz, and black onyx. While garnet and amethyst work to emphasize some of Aquarius’ best traits, including their passion and out-of-the-box thinking, the seven other crystals mentioned can help balance out some of the traits Aquarius may sometimes struggle with.

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