You are currently viewing Accurate Weekly Love Horoscopes For March 13 – 19, 2023

Accurate Weekly Love Horoscopes For March 13 – 19, 2023

The weekly love horoscopes for March 13 – 19, 2023, for all zodiac signs in astrology, features many changes affecting romance and relationships. 

In the week ahead, the energy turns softer and more grounded at the plethora of Pisces energy just as Venus returns to sensual Taurus, helping to ease any recent challenges. It is an active week as Mercury, the planet of communication and Venus, the planet of love, change zodiac signs helping to provide conversations a foundation that improves your love life.

Midweek, the skies turn quite active as a Pisces stellium becomes exact while Mercury crosses into the heart of the Sun, creating an epiphany moment. Pisces is the twelfth and final zodiac sign and, because of this, tends to carry qualities of each of the other eleven signs, alongside being quite intuitive. As the planets converge together in Pisces and Mercury crosses through the rays of the Sun, you are allowed to embrace more of your truth so that you can live a life that is genuinely filled with happiness and love. Life does not always have to be built on difficult challenges, but sometimes you need a little softness to remind you of that.

Most important days of the week, per astrology:

Thursday, March 16th

Venus in Taurus helps improve your romantic relationship because it gets to do what it does best: focus on simple pleasures and enjoy life and love. This week, you feel more engaged in your relationship and more optimistic despite recent challenges.

Date nights will become more important, as well as sacred quality time. Venus in Taurus does tend to focus more on physical pleasure, so often, it is also a time to pay more attention to your appearance, clothing and even home surroundings. The idea is to create an environment of love to flourish within.

Today also brings the peak of a Pisces stellium and Mercury Cazimi as it crosses through the heart of the Sun. With the soft exuberance of the Pisces energy, you may be overcome with your romantic desires and feelings today. It may even give you the perspective that life has no meaning without love. A Mercury Cazimi brings good luck and fortune so that today may be a significant turning point in your relationship and romantic life.

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