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Horoscopes Are Harsh For 3 Zodiac Signs On March 11, 2023

Three zodiac signs have horoscopes that feel ‘particularly harsh’ on March 11, 2023. If loose lips sink ships, then be prepared for the entire fleet to go down because during the transit of Mercury sextile Uranus on Saturday, keeping ourselves out of trouble is the last thing that will happen.

And, as it just so happens, this transit will hit three zodiac signs in a particularly harsh way, as those aforementioned loose lips will take the concept of communication to a whole new ‘low’ level. In other words, today is the day we throw discretion out the window and gamble our goodness away by using terrible words and pointed accusations. Yow!

Mercury sextile Uranus. It will have us feeling pretty dang brave with our words. We may get it into our minds that today is the day we need to tell that person off or speak our truth to an authority figure, and even if we do have something today, and even if that something is honest, what we will suffer today is the humbling experience of saying it all the wrong way.

If we don’t watch out, we’ll ruin our chances of improving it. Uranus’ energy makes us feel like we are these great and mighty heroes, and yet, all today will be giving us is an inflated sense of ego.

And for three zodiac signs, the idea that we can freely bash down walls and fight the good fight will be irresistible. We are kidding ourselves because we don’t know the first thing about what we’re doing, only that we really do like the sound of our own voices as we pretend to be the hero of the day. We will end up with regret, shame and a serious reality check that tells us that if we are unkind or rude to people, we should expect to be treated the same way.

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