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How To Seduce Each Zodiac Sign

There’s a reason that seduction is frequently referred to as an art. Seduction is more than flirting; it’s also using eye contact and touch and is about attracting someone to you physically or even emotionally.

If you’re not a natural seducer, you may need all the help you can get if there’s someone you’ve got your eye on. Why not let the stars help you with your seduction with clues on how to seduce a particular zodiac sign?

How to seduce each zodiac sign

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When seducing an Aries, don’t hold back. Aries lovers are intensely sexual and are practically insatiable. They will want you to be bold and make the first move. Don’t be tentative; grab them and kiss them passionately. Also, don’t hold back on telling them, in detail, how amazingly hot and irresistible they are and feel free to contradict them. They find verbal debate incredibly arousing.

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When seducing a Taurus, go slow. Most Taureans aren’t into casual hook-ups; they want to enjoy the whole process of connecting. Taurus people have a deep appreciation for beauty and love the finer things in life, so be sure to give them presents that are beautiful and expensive. When you finally get a Taurus in the mood for sex, be sure you’ve got plenty of energy, because every sexual encounter is a marathon, and they don’t stop until everybody is completely spent.

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