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These 3 Zodiac Signs Trust No One On March 12, 2023, Moon Trine Neptune

On March 12, 2023, three zodiac signs trust no one during the Moon trine Neptune transit, and we may all get the feeling that ‘someone’s watching us.’ It’s not as paranoid as it sounds, but there are those days that happen every now and then when we feel as though the entire universe is conspiring to make our lives miserable. Nobody asks to feel this way, and yet, it seems like all human beings go through at least a day or two every now and then where we can’t shake the feeling of somehow being singled out for a truly creepy day. That day is today for certain signs of the Zodiac, and because our leading transit is moon trine Neptune, the paranoia will show up as our inability to trust anyone.

Trust is already a hard enough sale, and if we get ourselves to the place where we DO trust other people or situations, it’s sometimes hard to maintain that trust. During Moon trine in Neptune, we can’t shake certain negative thoughts, and the biggest thought of them all is about trust itself; we will ask ourselves questions like, “If I trust you now, can I trust you tomorrow?” This is where the loop of paranoia starts. We doubt ourselves as soon as we start to overthink things, and moon trine Neptune promotes overthinking. (Yippee!)

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And, as it goes with distrust, it makes people feel uncomfortable, mainly because we don’t want to be the ones accused of being untrustworthy. Especially is we are completely trustworthy. So, the main problem with today is that we may falsely accuse someone of wrongdoings when they did nothing wrong, and in turn, that person will come to distrust us. It’s a vicious circle of distrust, and the only way we can stop it is by laying off negative thinking. 

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