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3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Sunday, March 12, 2023 Horoscopes

The horoscopes for March 12, 2023 are the best for three zodiac signs who kick off the week in a big way this Sunday.

This entire year is marked with the overflowing theme of being one of healing which means that you also need to give your time to move through that however you need. Today is an important step within this journey as Jupiter and Chiron unite in Aries, literally at the exact same degree, creating one powerful energetic wave of healing.  

Jupiter re-entered Aries at the end of last year, joining Chiron here, where it’s resided since 2019.  Jupiter will spend half of this year in this passionate fire sign helping you to move ahead in all ways and take advantage of new opportunities; however, Chiron will continue its journey here until 2026.  

The purpose of these two meetings, though, is to provide a divine moment of healing for you on your journey and set the stage for the new era that Saturn in Pisces began earlier in the week.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, in this case, it is your healing. Chiron’s claim to fame isn’t as illustrious, but one just as necessary. The wounded healer represents that part within you that doubts your innate ability to heal, overcome and succeed. In relationships, an unhealed Chiron can have you taking on codependent energies or becoming extremely triggered or threatened around those who haven’t yet stepped into the truth of their power and healing. 

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