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3 Zodiac Signs Who Reject Commitment On March 14, 2023, Mars Square Neptune

Three zodiac signs reject commitment on March 14, 2023, thanks to Mars square Neptune. Because we’re trained at an early age to follow the rules of love and life, we believe we are supposed to do everything according to what is expected. That would mean ‘find love and settle down’ with the person we believe to be ‘the one.’ We act in a way that is universal rather than personal, and while we all do share certain universal truths, not every person on Earth is meant for the same life as the next person, in fact, during the transit of Mars square, Neptune, many of us will want the exact opposite of what is expected of us. 

And, even if we are in relationships, we may not want to settle down. It may even oppose our very nature…and yes, that is possible. Because the truth is, we are not identical clones of one another. Mars square Neptune, which occurs on March 14, 2023, is here to wake us up from the stupors that we feel we have been pushed into; we do not want to act in accordance with the rules. This isn’t rebellion; this is authenticity. And during this transit, three zodiac signs will stand up for their beliefs.

We can be loving, generous, heart-filled people and still not want to settle down. Many of us desire the knowledge that we are free. So much of ‘settling down’ is about the other person’s ability to trust; when they don’t trust, they need contracts and rules…but what if we don’t want to sign on the dotted line because we know ourselves to be trustworthy without having to seal the deal?

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That’s today’s issue. We who want to be free want freedom in mind. We don’t settle down because we choose not to. Not because we are breaking the rules and not because we are afraid to live up to expectations. We don’t settle down because it’s not in our nature, and we respect that.

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