You are currently viewing Cosmic Astrology Horoscope | March 13-19 — Starcana Intuitive Life Guidance

Cosmic Astrology Horoscope | March 13-19 — Starcana Intuitive Life Guidance

Creative comforts will be designed and expressed as supportive Venus (values, relationships, money) moves from risqué Aries, into sensual Taurus on Thursday March 16. During the next four weeks, we’re likely to grow a strong attraction toward art, beauty, love, affection, sweetness, mouthwatering delicacies, sugar and harmony. Without self-discipline during this cycle, we may be tempted to lean toward an insatiable appetite, stubbornness, self-indulgence and/or materialism.

Pleasure means cutting your pain and pain means cutting your pleasure. Jagadeesh Kumar

Aspects that could challenge us this week include a procrastinating Mars/Neptune square on Tuesday March 14, an over-imaginative Sun/Neptune conjunction on Wednesday March 15… with a confused Mercury/Neptune conjunction, a reactive Sun/Mars square and a harsh Venus/Pluto square on Thursday March 16. If we’re focused on our goal and preplan, we may be able to utilize the defensive Mercury/Mars square, a quick-paced Sun/Mercury conjunction and an achievable Venus/Saturn sextile on Friday March 17, with the investigative Mercury/Pluto sextile on Saturday March 18 to our advantage.

As a gentle reminder, practice mindfulness and know what you hope to accomplish – especially as responsible Saturn transits the blurred lines of Pisces. To escape self-sabotage, avoid assumptions and stay in your own lane. As shared in last week’s post… ‘What if all of the emotional turbulence is, or was, just a bad dream and a big misunderstanding? How would that change our path? And what if we decided to exhale deeply, to simply empty everything. To flush away confusion, to forgive the hurt – just to breathe once again. How would it feel, to trust ourselves again, to reconnect with others, and to transcend to our original, wholesomeness. May these oceanic waters cleanse us well, to renew our sense of care, compassion and oneness. Just breathe.’ ~Starcana Saturn in Pisces

As we experience in our attempts to give, and to receive – Mercury (thoughts, communications, short journeys) will shift from imaginative Pisces on Sunday March 19, and enter competitive Aries for the next three weeks. The more that we do, the more that we’ll think; which can inspire spontaneity, mental agility and straightforward honesty. If we lack humility – which can tame a fast, fiery ego – we may be a victim of unleashed arrogance, impatience, bully behavior and/or heated arguments. Reach higher.

Weekly tarot message: A worn-out method restricts inner trust. [EmperorRx/Sun]. For more insight, check out your tarot card in the March 2023 Tarotscope, and subscribe to my weekly cosmic writings. Much love. ~Suzi

Much gratitude for a Client Testimonial: “Damn it Suzi… can’t you ever be wrong?” L.R. 

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