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Planetary news this week: Transformation continues and then a new beginning

Astrological update for the week of March 13-20, 2023

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The Jupiter/Chiron conjunction. The transformational alignment between Jupiter and Chiron which I wrote about last week has just culminated, but the effect will linger throughout the remainder of the month. quoting from last week’s post: The alignment of Jupiter’s optimism and expansive qualities with Chiron’s inspiration to heal and explore the body’s awareness is a powerful crucible for physical, emotional and mental healing. The type of healing which Chiron presides over is not the fairy godmother type of healing in which a magic wand produces an immediate result. Chiron urges us to release the toxic energy of old wounded feelings and resentments so that we can be freed and this toxicity can be replaced with a higher form of body mind spirit wisdom.

The combination of these two planets for accelerating healing and personal transformation occurs in the sign of Aries, sign of self-initiation and activation. This will become more important later in the week as we approach the Aries New Moon, since there is likely to be a sudden realization of our own needs and drives that may be somewhat surprising because of the Neptunian fog. The sign of Aries is itself the beginning of manifestation in the world – the point of initiation and assertive dynamic experiences that push us into the world itself.  Any New Moon marks a new beginning – the beginning of a new lunar cycle that wipes the slate clean and provides an opportunity to create something new in our lives.  Any Aries New Moon adds another layer of excitement and Marsy energy to stoke the fires and energize that creation.

Neptunian fog. This occurs at a very Neptunian time (astrologese for periods of fairy dust, excessive imagination and portals of spiritual wonder): the Sun conjoins Neptune this week and Mercury is not far behind, all in the sign of Pisces. Since Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces, Neptune is the dominant force for this triple conjunction, these are highly creative days but less well suited for anything requiring discipline and focus. This is especially true since Saturn, the planet that teaches discipline and focus, just entered the misty sign of Pisces, and complicating matters further is the fact that Mars, STILL in Gemini where it tends to inspire scattered minds, is locked in a challenging aspect to the Pisces planets.

The fog will clear a bit on Sunday when Mercury moves into Aries, but by then the Moon will be in Pisces so all bets are off!

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Aries New Moon next Monday. A New Moon at the first degree of the first sign of Aries has the ring of an exciting new adventure. Occurring just after the March equinox, the point of equal day and night, we are balanced momentarily at the perfect point of stasis before moving into the time of

This is a welcome charge of energy after a week of planetary mists and lack of clarity as we are propelled from the watery Pisces influence into a sudden infusion of Aries fire and drive.  The Aries New Moon facilitates the wiping of the slate clean and creation of a new story, but also Mercury (mind) is newly in Aries along with Jupiter and Chiron.

Here’s what else you need to know this week (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday March 13. The week begins with the Moon having just entered Sagittarius in the wee hours of the morning before you read this article. That pesky Gemini Mars is about to square Neptune on Tuesday and the haze has begun to gather. We can use the long-range vision of the Sagittarius Moon to help us to see our way through the mists, but it will also be important to turn within to the subtle voice which guides us. In this way we learn to sharpen our inner senses, the optimum means to penetrate any confusion. (Moon enters Sagittarius 3:20 am, square Saturn 4:33 am, sextile Ceres 7:19 am.)

Tuesday March 14. We will likely all feel a bit unsettled today as the fog continues to penetrate our experience. Meanwhile, the Sagittarius Moon is facing off against virtually every planet on Tuesday. It’s a good day to be gentle with ourselves, take a walk or a nap, and breathe through the changes of mood which are likely to occur every few minutes. 😃 (Moon trine Chiron 5:16 am, trine Jupiter 5:56 am, square Neptune 5:38 pm, Mars square Neptune 7:38 pm, Moon square Sun 10:08 pm, square Neptune 11:37 pm, opposite Mars 11:45 pm.)

Wednesday March 15. The next few days continue to be potentially problematic and are good days to step back and try to get some perspective if there is a difficult situation that needs to be managed. Sometimes waiting IS the best action. The Moon enters Capricorn Wednesday morning (EDT) which helps us to be more focused despite the planetary influences of confusion and illusion, but the possibility of conflict over the next couple of days is pretty strong if there are any power imbalances in play. (Moon trine Venus 4:50 am, Moon enters Capricorn 8:05 am, sextile Saturn 9:41 am, square Ceres 11:03 am, Sun conjunct Neptune 7:39 pm.)

Thursday March 16. Good news first: The Capricorn Moon can inspire us to focus on that which needs to be done, and to keep our eyes on the ultimate goal. The less good news: Three strong but fast moving planetary aspects culminate today which will maximize the potential for trouble if there is any brewing. (Planets don’t CAUSE problems, but if there are problems in the wind they will make themselves obvious under certain planetary conditions.)

(Moon square Chiron 8:59 am, square Jupiter 10:16 am, trine Uranus 11:21 am, Mercury conjunct Neptune 1:12 pm, Sun square Mars 2:09 pm, Venus square Pluto 3:58 pm.)

Venus will leave fiery Aries for placid Taurus at 6:34 pm EDT which will help to reduce the temperature and inspire peace talks.

Friday March 17. ☘️ Friday is another very active day astrologically. Two aspects involving Mercury suggest that the mental realm and our thoughts and ideas are highlighted today. This can be very positive for writers and anyone who communicates which is pretty much everyone. The lunar aspects are generally harmonious which will provide support, and then the Moon enters Aquarius in the late morning to help provide greater perspective and detachment.

(Mercury square Mars 12:48 am, Moon sextile Neptune 2:26 am, sextile Mercury 4:27 am, sextile Sun 4:37 am, Sun conjunct Mercury 6:44 am, Moon conjunct Pluto 10:13 am, Moon enters Aquarius 10:24 am, Moon square Venus 11:50 am, trine Ceres 12:29 pm, Sun sextile Saturn 6:25 pm.)

Saturday March 18. Planetary influences are generally mild today, offering a sharp mental focus and a gift for planning and strategy. (Moon sextile Chiron 10:35 am, sextile Jupiter 12:26 pm, square Uranus 12:50 pm, Mercury sextile Pluto 11:23 pm.)

Sunday March 19. Mercury enters Aries just after midnight on Sunday and helps to clear a bit of the Neptunian mists with that Arian glow of confidence and courage. However, we’re not done with the transcendent quality of Neptune since the Moon enters Pisces at 11:11 am and pulls us momentarily back into magical thinking and intuitive thought. This combination of Aries Mercury and Pisces Moon can feel a bit schizophrenic – on the one hand we’re ready to think of new ways of venturing through life (Mercury in Aries), but on the other hand the Pisces Moon says “wait and listen.”

Once the Sun enters Aries on Monday March 20th, we’ll be ready for the Aries New Moon and a new beginning. (Mercury into Aries 12:23 am, Moon trine Mars 6:33 am, Mercury opposite Ceres 10:20 am, Moon enters Pisces 11:11 am, conjunct Saturn 1:27 pm, sextile Venus 4:54 pm.)

This will be an interesting week!  Please leave me your comments and feedback about how your week transpires. ❤️

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