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Silicon Valley Bank SVB and Astrology • Jessica Adams: Psychic Astrologer

The March 2023 Wall Street Astrology Prediction

I’ve had a lot of questions on Twitter about my Wall Street astrology prediction, following the collapse of the SVB or Silicon Valley Bank in March 2023. The prediction was published back on 6th October 2022. In case you missed it, the full Wall Street astrology forecast is here, including dates yet to come. And here are the two quoted horoscope statements.

“Wall Street Astrology March – June 2022”

“Beyond the December 2022 drama after the big cover-up on Wall Street on 25th October 2022, we can expect radical market correction from March-June 2023. Do you win or lose? It depends on your chart. It also depends on what you owe, from 18 or 19 years ago, or what you are owed. Only the universe can decide that.

I would expect Mercury Retrograde from Friday, April 28th to Monday, May 1st, 2023, to be a chaotic crossroads.”

“Historic Change on Wall Street in March – June 2023”

“A cycle not seen in 240+ years begins in March-June 2023 and triggers the Elon Musk and NYSE chart. Pluto goes to 0 Aquarius. The North Node goes to 1 Taurus. The South Node goes to 1 Scorpio. Saturn goes to 1 Pisces. Uranus goes to 19 Taurus. Jupiter goes to 1 Taurus. The other red flag is Mercury Retrograde at 12 and 13 Taurus from April 28th to Monday 1st May.

March – June 2023 is a shock to the economic system not seen in our lifetime.”

Astrology, Uranus in Taurus and Shock

It’s almost a rule in astrology, that the mainstream media and financial industry will always be shocked or in panic when Uranus is in Taurus. The best Twitter account to track financial trends is Bloomberg (below) which you find @business and use to track timelines for horoscopes. For astrologers like me, though, there is no shock. Whenever you see transits with Uranus, which we certainly do with the Silicon Valley Bank, as well as Wall Street, we have upheaval. The predictable, unpredictable.


The Astrology and SVB the Silicon Valley Bank

As predicted, using the Wall Street astrology chart, the drama is ongoing in March 2023. On Monday 13th March, the HSBC bough the UK arm of the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank in a rescue deal facilitated by Bank of England and UK government. CNN details the SVB collapse timeline from Wednesday 8th March, through Friday 10th March (bank failure) and at Monday 13th March it’s ongoing. This chimes with the astrology.

The bank run and takeover of Friday 10th March was the largest failure of a US bank since Washington Mutual in 2008.

How To Predict Finance and Astrology

You need ‘birth dates’ for any bank, business or company to predict the future. Astrologers use EDGAR, which gave us April 23rd 1982 (incorporation), October 17th 1983 (another incorporation) and November 14th 1984, a further incorporation. The SVB data is here for horoscope purposes.

EDGAR is here, if you are serious about figuring out transits for banks, charity, business and so on.

If you are enquiring for yourself, you have to do your own chart reading (not me) and you need to do the work, as your astrological chart is unique and will have its own patterns, which chime with (say) a bank. I never give financial advice – I give you resources and you do the rest, which as a Premium Member you can do, using your birth chart and the online membership library here.

Is It Rare? Is It In Taurus and/or Scorpio?

Slow-moving cycles, like the North Node, South Node, Uranus, Pluto and the rest only reach ‘birth’ degrees in Taurus and/or Scorpio, the money signs, very rarely. Big events like crashes happen rarely too. No matter if you are looking for a good day to launch a bank, or the risk of collapse, you are always looking for Taurus and/or Scorpio, so the Second House of personal income and Eighth House of shared income.

Every astrologer has her own rules. I use asteroids and the other factors which complete the Roman family tree of astrology that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest. I use an orb of maximum one degree.

How the SVB Astrology Charts Showed the March Crisis

Every baby has a birth place. We use Santa Clara, California for the Silicon Valley Bank. The time is unknown, until further information arrives, so we use 12 noon and don’t use the AC, MC, DC, IC or Moon. Why not? They are probably wrong, without a minute-accurate time. Still, the rest of the SVB astrology chart has good information, despite this.

Mercury, the planet of internet, media and contracts is at 16 Taurus in the Second House of Money in the chart set for 23rd April 1982. By the way, I use AstroGold software from Stephanie Johnson and Zane Stein. It’s the best in the world.

Mercury at 16 Taurus

Mercury at 16 Taurus in one of the three ‘birth’ charts shows the shock.  Transiting Uranus 15 Taurus in a conjunction with Mercury on 10th March 2023 – just one degree off. We allow a one-degree orb in modern astrology. Uranus is a symbol of upheaval, revolution, radical change and independence.

Switching to the chart for 17th October 1983 we find another version of SVB. This one has  Saturn at 5 Scorpio in the Eighth House of Joint Finance. The SVB astrology chart set for 17th October 1983 at 12.00pm in Santa Clara, California is really clear. The transiting North Node at 4 Taurus was in an opposition with Saturn on 10th March 2023. The transiting South Node at 4 Scorpio was in a conjunction with Saturn on 10th March 2023

Modern Astrology Charts and Silicon Valley Bank

This AstroGold chart uses Zero Aries (the Natural House System) and the complete asteroids and other factors of modern astrology, which complete the Roman family tree that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the rest. What you are looking for here, are the Second Houses and Eighth Houses, which rule ‘my money’ and ‘our money.’

You then line up exact aspects, with the same degrees. Allow one degree’s difference at the most. At a glance you can see the whole story. AstroGold runs two charts together. One is the birth chart. The other is the chart for the drama. From this you learn to predict the future. Silicon Valley Bank, in her 18th November 1984 version, gives her a Scorpio Sun. That fits. Scorpio rules complex finance – joint bank accounts – shares.

There are two other charts which also work nicely, but I’ll stick with this. She was born with Pluto at 3 Scorpio in the Eighth House. This bank wants total control and dominance. On crash day, transiting Apollo was at 2 Scorpio and the transiting South Node was at 4 Scorpio, in a sandwich. That’s just a tiny part of the story but enough to make it worth checking the rest of the chart too, for similar ‘noise’ patterns.


Silicon Valley Bank 1024x788 - Silicon Valley Bank SVB and Astrology

Similar Stories Told Three Times

You know you have drama ahead for a bank if a similar story is told three times, in three different ‘birth’ or incorporation charts.

Ceres at 16 Taurus in the Second House of Money is there, in the chart set for 18th November 1984, 12.00pm, at Santa Clara, California. Ceres is a symbol of power and control issues; necessary compromise and furious deal-making. This seems appropriate for a bank. I’ve mentioned Pluto. Well, how about Ceres?

Transiting Uranus at 15 Taurus in a conjunction (with a one-degree orb, almost exact) with Ceres on Friday 10th March 2023 rang the bell for the deals, like the HSBC bank in the United Kingdom, ready to purchase.

The common factor here as you can see, with two of the ‘birth’ charts  is Mercury at 16 Taurus in the 23rd April 1982 chart and Ceres at 16 Taurus in the 18th November 1984 chart, hit by the historic transit of Uranus at 15 Taurus.

Slow-Moving Cycles and the SVB

The big, slow-moving, historic transits from Uranus (once in your life) or the North Node and South Node (every 18-19 years) are always timed by faster-moving transits. Mercury moves very quickly and is about the internet, news and media – also contracts and agreements.

Mercury at 15 Pisces on Saturday 11th March and Vulcano at 15 Capricorn, also on Saturday 11th March and Sunday 12th March pulled in the timing. Capricorn rules corporate elites and government, of course, and Vulcano is about self-control. This is why we use asteroids.

Are There Natal Chart Issues? Anything Else at the Same Degrees? Close?

Fortuna is at 5 Virgo in the Sixth House of employees, the work force and trade unions in the 17th October 1983 chart, exactly sextile Saturn at 5 Scorpio. Uranus is at 6 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of foreigners  in the 17th October 1983 chart, so one degree away from a semi-sextile to Saturn at 5 Scorpio. You can do this with all three SVB astrology charts.

Does the Wall Street Astrology Chart Chime?

The best Wall Street astrology chart I know is set for 22nd April 1903 at 11.00am in New York City.

This is the chart I used to predict a March 2023 drama for Wall Street, a year before it happened. I also used it to time the December 2022 drama.

The SVB Astrology and Wall Street

This chart for Wall Street, which is nicely timed by an opening invitation from 1903, shows the MC at 16 Aries, South Node at 15 Aries, Apollo at 15 Leo, Ceres at 16 Leo, North Node at 15 Libra – so yes, the Wall Street astrology chart chimes with those two charts for the SVB with their big focus on 15, 16 Taurus. That’s a hotspot.

The other key factor was 4/5 degrees of Scorpio/Taurus as you will recall –  and we find Juno at 5 Sagittarius in the Wall Street chart, showing foreigners. That would be the UK and also the HSBC (China). We also have Venus at 5 Gemini, the sign ruling the internet. Silicon Valley startups are of course, Gemini by nature.

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We are relaunching The Sun Sign School on 1st April 2023 including natal charts, as well as solar charts and Tarot, by popular demand.

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I’ll go into the Scorpio and Taurus patterns that show finance. We’ll also be joined by Kate Silas and Olga Morales later in 2023 so this is a good year to reboot your ongoing course or start learning.

I never tell anyone what to do with her or his money. You can use astrology as a tool kit, but it’s just one tool in the box. You make the choices, I don’t make them for you.

Yet, you can learn how to combine natal, solar and even Tarot techniques together to run your own horoscope, and I hope you can join us at Sun Sign School if you are curious about horoscopes.

Main Image: Katie Harp, Unsplash.


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