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3 Zodiac Signs Set Boundaries In Their Love Lives On March 15, 2023

Three zodiac signs set boundaries in their love lives on March 15. 2023, and it’s for a good reason. It’s quite easy to forget that we have boundaries when we are in love, as that feeling of let’s share it all’ seems prevalent. That’s all well and good in the beginning stages of a relationship if it brings us joy. Still, there is such a thing as sharing too much — and that’s not about TMI (too much information) but about letting another person think they can step into all spaces of our lives at any time they wish. Sharing is fun, and so is being able to feel safe with a person, but there are boundaries, and each of us has them. Enforcing them is something that takes both guts and self-love, and during the Capricorn Moon on March 15, 2023,

The Capricorn Moon brings up the idea of limitation; we don’t like to think we have limits, especially not in love, but what if that love steps over the line? What if our partners decide that we really don’t need that much privacy or that they need to keep track of us 24-7? What if we find ourselves in a relationship where the fun of sharing suddenly turns into the disrespect of crushing boundaries?

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On this day, three zodiac signs will definitely feel as though that day has come; it’s time to draw the line. This isn’t about breaking up but about building a realistic plan for staying together. Some folks don’t like being too, too serious about things like this, but if two people love each other, then it’s up to them to show each other respect by ‘minding the gap’ as it’s said in London. ‘Mind the gap’ refers to the space between the train and the platform. Metaphorically, in a relationship, this would mean ‘mind the space between us…or fall into the danger zone. During the Moon in Capricorn, we need to mind the gap, or rather: Respect and boundaries set in love and romance.

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