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If you want to find out if you and another person are compatible with each other, the best thing you can do is to compare your birth charts, which involves overlaying your astrological birth chart with theirs and checking the synastry aspects that exist between the two of you.

Of course, not all zodiac combinations between two people’s charts are ideal. Some placements create mutual understanding and a deep soul connection while others all but guarantee you will become sworn enemies.

Sun conjunct Ascendant in synastry is one of those beneficial aspects that are indicative of strong compatibility. So let’s find out more about it and how it creates powerful attraction between two people.

Sun conjunct Ascendant synastry

In the natal chart, the Sun represents the soul. It’s your drive, your soul’s purpose, and what makes you shine bright in the world. The Ascendant, on the other hand, represents how you come across to the world. It reveals the first impression you leave on people, the mask you choose to wear in public, and also your physical appearance.

The conjunction in astrology refers to the aspect that is created when two planets or points are in a tight 0 to 10 degrees connection with each other. Most often this occurs in the same zodiac sign and house. But if the conjunction is close to the cusp, it can also form between planets/points in different zodiac signs and/or houses.

Given these basics, when two people have a Sun conjunct Ascendant synastry between them, they are strongly attracted to each other.

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