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Horoscopes For 3 Zodiac Signs Feel Difficult On March 15, 2023

The horoscopes for March 15, 2023, feel difficult for three zodiac signs. With our Moon in Capricorn on this date, March 15, 2023, we are bound to go looking for trouble. And because it’s the Ides of March, we will find it. If you open the book of knowledge, prepare to find the truth, as they say.

And because our energy will be so Capricorn-oriented today, we will want nothing less than the full truth, but, as it’s also said, ‘Can we take the truth?’ That is the question of the day, as both the desire to know and the knowledge of the truth both come forth under the Moon in Capricorn.

The Ides of March means very little, other than the fact that this historical date is one that refers to Julius Caesar being radically betrayed by his pal, Brutus.

History doesn’t repeat itself again and again on its anniversary, but there’s a vibe that comes with this superstitious date, and it’s one that has us believing that somehow this day is ‘bad luck.’ In fact, outside of the occasional Friday the 13th, The Ides of March, which always falls on the 15th, is the next big celebrity when it comes to bad luck days.

What pushes this day over the edge is that on this particular 15th, we are joined by the Moon in Capricorn, and that means the three zodiac signs in astrology will get themselves into far-reaching bad moods that affect everything we do and will result in a condition far worse than what we bargained for.

In fact, the idea of ‘bargaining’ is big during the Moon in Capricorn. What ‘gets’ us today is hubris; we think we are untouchable, and we believe we can get away with it all. Boom. Not happening. Not today. Not March 15, 2023.

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