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Luckiest March 16, 2023 Love Horoscopes For 3 Zodiac Signs

As Venus enters Taurus on this day, March 16, 2023, many of us will find that our love lives have taken on a rather easygoing and somewhat ‘lax’ attitude. This may be just what some couples need — the chance to take it down a notch. We tend to get so wrapped up in our lives, our work and all the dramas that are seemingly endless that we forget the one person who is there for us through it all: our partners. During Venus in Taurus, we get a chance to clear the noise out of the room so that we can focus completely on the simplicity of what it’s like to love someone.

With Venus in Taurus, zodiac signs will feel like something has broken in all the right ways. Tension is no longer there, nor is stress or anxiety, and the feeling is welcomed and appreciated. Today is the day when couples of like-minded spirits can simply chill together without feeling the need to ‘talk things out.’ That doesn’t mean we’ll be repressing our thoughts today, oh no; it does, however, mean that we will prioritize what’s important and what can’t wait for another day to be spoken about.


We aren’t putting any pressure on our partners today. We don’t want them to do this or that, and they aren’t placing any undue stress on our plate, either. It’s just a chill environment, and if you are one of the zodiac signs mentioned today, you may notice that everything is just as it is supposed to be. Nobody’s on each other’s nerves, and nobody is making any kind of absurd demands. During Venus in Taurus, we relax, enjoy and appreciate.

Three zodiac signs who are luckiest in love on March 16, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 – June 20)

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