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The March 15, 2023 Horoscopes Feel Peaceful To 3 Zodiac Signs

Even though it might seem that there are miles to go before you find peace, the energy today calls you to look within, to feel into your heart and trust what you intuitively know. The Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces square are still building and will remain in effect for today and tomorrow before finally separating. 

This creates an undercurrent of electricity as you feel empowered to follow your passions at any cost necessary. The realization has begun to bloom that there is a reason you must be persistent for your most fantastical dream as it is always the process of the test preceding the reward. But, unlike yesterday, there are some other major factors that add an interesting level of both peace and intensity to the day. 

While Mars is squaring off with Neptune in Pisces, creating an impassioned drive for your deepest desires, it also begins squaring off with Sun in Pisces today. Mars square Sun is the impediment of restriction. You cannot move ahead, feel trapped, limited and unable to take the action you desire or at least you have felt that way up until now. Because, of course, a square can limit you or, finally, provide the motivation to break through it. Given the recent change in the astrological weather and the divine auspiciousness filtering through all timelines right now – you are a sure thing. It is safe to bet on yourself. 

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To believe that this time might be the chance to make everything right, that even if it has never worked out before or you have been taken back ten paces — it may all have been to lead you to this moment. While Mars is busy squaring off with Sun and Neptune in Pisces, all at the twenty-fifth degree denoting action, leadership and success, Neptune and Sun unite as one strong, powerful current of energy.  

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