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Astrology by Lisa Stardust

The week starts off with a conjunction between the Sun and Neptune in Pisces, which brings soupy emotions, paranoias, psychic downloads, and exhaustion on March 15. Don’t overdo it on the 15th, give yourself a chance to breathe and relax. The following day, the Pisces Sun squares Mars in Gemini, creating arguments that will puncture our egos. Later in the day, Venus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn share a fraught connection, escalating power struggles with others. Venus enters Taurus on the 16th, adding resilience and structure to the overall vibe. Mercury in Pisces and Mars share a few coarse words on the morning of March 17. Luckily, a few hours later, the planetary connection between the Sun and Mercury allows us to heal. Venus in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces lend a helping hand in the evening of the 17th to mend the wounds inflicted earlier in the day. Mercury and Pluto link up on March 18, adding depth to our feelings. Mercury glides into Aries on March 19, allowing us to express our passions. Venus and the North Node of Destiny align on the morning of March 20, giving us the opportunity to attain the relationship and love that we want. The Pisces Sun harmonizes with Pluto on March 20, before entering Aries, which pushes us to take back our personal power. An hour later, the Sun moves into Aries, kicking off the astrological new year and the Spring Equinox. A fresh start is coming, which will be felt on March 21, during the New Moon in Aries. 


The week ahead is testing us all on every level. It’s bringing trials and tribulations that are asking us to make rational and concise decisions. The caveat is Neptune is making it harder to see through the fog. Confusion runs deep, leading to stalemates instead of resolutions. Rather than putting pressure on ourselves, commit to being unsure. It’s not the week to make strides, but to be adaptable and go with the flow. If people try to assert their dominance over us in any way, then put them on pause or ice. Engaging with the drama brought on by others will be hard to resist when the Pluto energy is charged up this week, but necessary. Most importantly, listen to what people are saying. Jealousies, triangular situations, and raw emotions will be exposed this week. Fortunately, the New Moon on March 21 gives us the chance to start fresh and put some of this intense and nasty cosmic energy behind us.


We may encounter less than pleasant dreams in the astral realm this week, due to the extreme amount of Neptunian energy in the ether. If you do wake up from a nightmare, be sure to ask the other side for peace and protection as you attempt to drift back into dreamland. With your index finger, create a circle of protection in the air, and place a small sack or bag of salt and lavender in your pillowcase. Doing this will help you get through the night with ease. 


The energy is heavy and you may find that the people you encounter are in snarky moods. Remember, energy is contagious. It will be helpful to know that we are all attempting to navigate this energy, so try to lead by example and show kindness to others instead of projecting emotions.


The energy today makes it a great time to light a candle and communicate with the universe your deepest desires, so make your intentions known to the other side! The energy remains mostly hopeful throughout the rest of the week and promises to bring us sweet dreams as well, so be sure to close out your day with a meditation to connect with your heart and gratitude.


 Since you’re being pulled in too many directions, it’s hard to find your footing right now. If you step back or away from matters, you will be able to see them clearly and move forward. Instead of jumping into situations, you may need time to strategize and organize. 


You don’t like to jump into the unknown. However, the week ahead is forcing you out of your comfortable shell. Sometimes the reward of not playing it safe is an excellent way for you to see the world from a totally different perspective and open yourself up to new possibilities.


You’re not receiving the hardest heartache of all time — since things are changing on your terms. But, you need to remove yourself from toxic situations and relationships that don’t elevate your vibe. If you’re in the mood to better yourself, distance yourself from the negativity for peace of mind.


Matters of the heart are more confusing than ever at this juncture in time. In order to move past the point of ambiguity, talk about your emotions. Don’t shy or hide away from letting them be known. Not only will this help you heal, but it’ll make you feel empowered. 


Overcoming a bad or negative attitude is proving to be more challenging than you thought because you aren’t willing to let go of an argument. The lesson you are receiving from the universe is that you have to pick your battles and hear others out to create a deeper understanding. 


Sometimes you take the role of nurturer and provider too seriously that you don’t allow people to make their personal decisions. The week ahead calls for you to take a sidestep away from other people’s drama and focus on yourself. Let them figure out and remedy their own lives.


You’ll need to use a bit of discernment when it comes to your casual encounters this week. If somebody lays all their problems on you, then bails before you can talk about your own, consider creating distance in the relationship because the friendship is not on even ground.


Speaking your mind can be hard to do (even for you), especially when you feel as though you’re being gaslighted by others. In order to be heard by those you love, try other forms of communication like email or even have a face-to-face conversation to ensure you are being seen. 


Prepare yourself for a financial payback from the universe now. There is abundance and money flowing to you this week. Prepare yourself to get what is yours, which will bring immense pleasure and happiness to you as long as you have truly earned it through your hard work and efforts.


This is a particularly confusing time, as the future is uncertain. You may be struggling to define relationships and situations at this moment in time. Don’t put pressure on yourself to find the right solution to matters. Continue to be present throughout the week throughout the challenges thrown your way.

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