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3 Zodiac Signs With Easy Love Horoscopes On March 17, 2023

Three zodiac signs want easy love horoscopes on March 17, 2023. They want to love that runs smoothly, drama-free, and without problems. During the transit of Mercury square Mars, many of us will quickly let people know what we really want and perhaps even be slightly intolerant of anything that doesn’t come easily. In love, this will be especially important to us, as this transit has zero patience for games, dramas or lies. We want easy love, and anything that comes across as complex or simply ‘too much’ goes out the window. We are the boss of our own lives, and in love, it’s not so much about a need to control but a need to know that our partners are stable, able to control ourselves, and can be calm enough to have a relationship with us.

While Mercury square Mars is in the sky on March 17, 2023, we will become very real with ourselves; we have a no-nonsense attitude about love and are serious. We are not up for drama or hysterics. We do not feel childish enough to tolerate this kind of insanity any longer in our lives, and it is during this transit we finally admit this to ourselves. We want love that is easy, and we know that it exists.

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Now, being that we are so serious about love, it’s hard to see how this means we want it easy, but that’s a requirement during Mercury square Mars. We first feel we need to be understood, and once that’s down, it’s Easy Street. All it takes is a little old conversation at the get-go to lay down the rules, and those rules are: NO DRAMA ALLOWED. Simple stuff. Mercury square Mars leads the way.

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