You are currently viewing March 15, 2023 Astrology Forecast

March 15, 2023 Astrology Forecast

As an artist I must first be,
Open to worlds they say cannot be,
Then I must download and seek to create,
What I am given before it’s too late.

Hola Swimmers!

I hope you know how to swim! The waters these days are pretty high, fast, and wild. Confusion reigns on many levels, but not on them all! It is possible to achieve a heightened state of awareness, rise above the storm, remain in the calm center of the hurricane, and observe as the apparent madness swirls around you. The call now is to silence—the deep silence within where Spirit dwells.

As an artist sculpting your life, observe it carefully. With practice, skill, and precision, remove smaller and larger pieces/parts/people and places until your life is the perfect reflection of your purest, most divine self. Yes, it feels like loss, it is loss, but one result of that loss is that your essence, the beauty of your sculpture, is ever more refined, beautiful, and true.

The trick is to not let go prematurely nor hold on too long. Let go of what is no longer serving you, but do it gently, sweetly, and feel the sorrow of its absence. This too shall pass as all the seasons do, as the river of life continues to flow toward the sea. In the end, all that is left are memories, memories of what you did, not of what you didn’t. So do it!

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As an artist I must first be,
Open to worlds they say cannot be,
Then I must download and seek to create,
What I am given before it’s too late.

As usual, there is more to say than I have time for in the video. I did not get to MARS in all this! The square to Mars is what makes it all crazy (and more challenging for some) and is the source of fear being brought onto the scene. Now, I have talked about this Mars squaring Neptune for the third time and how it requires us to manifest the dreams we’ve had since last May when they came into conjunction and, more specifically, since he squared him last Halloween (October 31).

When it comes to Mars/Neptune, we need to understand the Chinese concept of wu-wei or non-action. When one is totally at one with Source or the universe, in the flow of the river, so to speak, it is not necessary to exert the ego-will force so much as steer, balance, and dance with the flow. However, when we are in the lower domain of Mars, our ego-will, we can assert ourselves to create dreams that are not “of Source,” but rather ego, and are thus illusions, distractions, or attachments not serving the soul evolution.

Thus, this can be a time of “chasing windmills,” confusion about what we should do, or disillusionment when our best efforts don’t materialize. In these cases, it is a lesson in discrimination and discernment where we need to look deeply into where, when, how, and most importantly, WHY we desired people, places, plans, things, or dreams that didn’t happen. Hopefully, your dreams will come true, and if not, you don’t give up but learn, grow, and continue to believe in yourself and love. 

Song for this week? Walk along the river with Blue Sky!

The Pentagon talks about aliens!

So Much Love,

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