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your forecast march 17th…

A warm hello.

There are so many astrological highlights in the next 7 days:

The last time, for a very long time, the Moon will conjunct/align with Pluto in Capricorn – this will bring a special opportunity to tie off a long loose end or a simmering desire to fruition.

Venus will join the planet Uranus in Taurus.

Mercury and the Sun will move into Aries to join Jupiter, followed by the New Moon in Aries – this promises exciting new possibilities and plans.

Jupiter, the money planet linking with Saturn and Uranus, indicates that an important financial development or change will reshape your financial situation.

Finally, Pluto moves into Aquarius.   I will post a special, long-range ‘Big Planets, Big News’ forecast for this on Wednesday.

   The Moon conjuncts Pluto here: you could take a small but necessary step with a long-range undertaking or goal and it could be a big turning-point; it will consolidate your course of action.   The New Moon with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in your Zodiac Sign indicates a special personal opportunity – the chance to share something special with another, do something fun and different, or launch exciting new plans!   There could also be opportunities to boost your earnings, or it will be all systems go with a new investment or financial project.
TAURUS.   This last Moon conjunct Pluto here will bring a helpful conversation or information that guides you with special plans with another, or a situation where you’re trying to move forward.   The New Moon with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter here indicates a welcome surge of action with a drawn out undertaking or problem you’ve been working on; it will be a relief and uplifting to make progress.   You’ll need to take the long view, to tweak your plans with a long-range financial endeavour and keep it on track to success.
GEMINI.   This final Moon conjunct Pluto here could bring a last ‘I’ to dot and a last ‘T’ to cross with a complex financial matter or expense, before you leave it behind.   With the New Moon, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter here, there’s a feast of happy times ahead – fun encounters, outings and activities will lead to even more possibilities, plus new connections and new friendships will unfold.   Generous gestures from others will delight you, but you too could give generously – you may even be tempted to go a little overboard!
CANCER.   The Moon/Pluto conjunction here indicates a meaningful interlude or exchange with someone dear that clarifies a matter or situation between you.   The New Moon with Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter here indicates an ambitious personal endeavour or exciting career opening; gather your resources, it will require a focused, driving effort.   Big financial plans and decisions will have a flow on effect; you’ll need to keep a clear overview, to manage these well.
LEO.   The Moon aligning with Pluto here indicates that you’ll complete a task or achieve a result that’s been a long time coming.   Timely information will guide you with a diet, fitness or heath pursuit or you’ll boost your efforts to support someone close.   The New Moon with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter here denotes exciting travel plans, the chance to explore fun new places, fun plans with a distant loved one will grow and a fun new interest or social group will broaden your horizons.   Giving diligent attention to a legal matter, contract or important document will prove most enlightening.
VIRGO.   The Moon/Pluto alignment here indicates the opportunity to share a special occasion or meaningful experience with a loved one and it’ll leave a tender afterglow.   The New Moon with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter here indicates vital action with a big financial undertaking or important financial matter; there may be a financial offer or opportunity, there could also be a large purchase or outlay to set up.   Financial paperwork will be demanding but being thorough will ensure everything flows smoothly.
LIBRA.   The Moon aligns with Pluto here – you’ll pour energy into a domestic project or family commitment to achieve a goal that’s close to your heart.   The New Moon with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter denotes exciting new plans with someone close and they’ll gallop ahead, there may also be a special family event or celebration, an important new person may come into your life, or a new chapter that’s full of promise could unfold with another.   A financial arrangement with another may be complicated or involve a considerable amount of money; clarify any confusing areas, it will help this to unfold smoothly.
SCORPIO.   The Moon conjunct/aligning with Pluto here could bring an important message or exciting news that influences some big personal decisions.   The New Moon with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter here points to a bold new project on the job, and/or an ambitious personal or a fitness goal that stretches your resources; there are some exciting challenges and achievements ahead!   Deciding how much to invest in work or health related equipment or outlays will require a long view; there’ll be immediate outlays but long-term benefits to weigh up.
SAGITTARIUS.   Here is the final Moon conjunct Pluto – it points to an emotional purchase or outlay for your home or a family member.   With the New Moon, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter here, fun personal plans, a getaway, a special invitation or occasion will open new social doors; you’ll meet people who share a common interest.   Sorting out funds for an expensive personal project, big plans with a loved one, or an interest that you love will come from the heart but it’ll require a financial juggle.
CAPRICORN.   The Moon conjunct Pluto in your Zodiac Sign for the last time for a very long time could bring the end to a problem or a meeting that’s a turning point in a relationship.   The New Moon with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter here indicates that exciting family or domestic plans will gather momentum.   Doing your research to cost a big family or domestic purchase or project will help you organize your budget.
AQUARIUS.   The Moon conjunct Pluto here will bring an opportunity to tidy some nagging unfinished personal or financial business.   The New Moon, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter here signifies a bold new personal project, which will grow as it unfolds; there’ll be some good news, fun changes of scene and stimulating contact with someone you see too rarely.   Costing of a big project may be challenging; there’ll be unpredictable factors you’ll need to allow room for in the budget.
PISCES.   The Moon conjunct Pluto here will bring a reconnection and meaningful exchange with a friend or relative that’s thought-provoking; you’ll understand something it’s been hard to come to terms with.   The New Moon will fall with the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury – you’ll push forward with an exciting financial enterprise, expensive purchase or costly undertaking; there may also be a financial gain or offer.   Avoid the temptation to throw caution to the winds with your spending or plans; the results could push up the stress levels.

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