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10th House Profection Year Meaning For Career Success

Annual profections can help you identify the major theme of each solar year of your life. This technique uses whole sign astrology, which means each house in your annual profection chart starts at 0 degrees. There are 12 houses to the chart, each representing a different area of life. Annual profections pinpoint an area of your birth chart that is specifically activated each year and at that particular age.

For example, the year you are born becomes a first house year (in annual profection charts); the 2nd year of life becomes a second house year, the 3rd year becomes a third house year, and on through the next twelve years. At the 13th year, the cycle starts all over again and you go back to the first house, and the cycle repeats itself every 12 years.

This technique shows us the house that is important and the ruling planet of the year, which also plays a role. You can use an annual profections calculator to determine the signs and ruling planets of your personal profection years. 

10th house profection year

The 10th house in astrology, known as the house of social status, is associated with the Midheaven sign and represents your career goals, how you network with others, and how you go after your dreams. You enter your 10th house profection year at the ages of 9, 21, 33, 24, 57, 69, and 81.

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