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3 Zodiac Signs With Great Horoscopes On Friday, March 17, 2023

Three zodiac signs with great horoscopes on March 17, 2023, feel the beauty of Venus and the joy of hope. Today continues yesterday’s active climax as you are pushed to see the truth in your life and relationship so you can act. Yesterday, Venus, the planet of love, finances and real estate, shifted into earthy Taurus. Taurus is one of the home signs of Venus, and because of that, this planet operates wonderfully here.

It creates a desire to focus more on what feels good, on what love is and to take time to make sure you are investing in what is of the greatest value to you. Venus in Taurus provides a soft grounded landing for the changes brewing around you.

With Mars shifting to Cancer in the next week after a seven-month extended stay in Gemini, just as Pluto gets its first taste of freedom in two hundred years as it moves into Aquarius – you are on the threshold of a new life. But substantial changes happen in small steps. In the everyday moments, you may only understand the importance of it once you reflect, and that is precisely what today is.

Venus, the planet of love, is still within the square made as it moves through the final degree of Aries. The Venus-Pluto square is significant because it brings out the true colors of those around you, especially regarding a relationship. Venus and Pluto tend to bring control or manipulation issues to the forefront of your awareness so you can start making changes by seeing the greater truth. To embrace the truth is to also step into your inner power.

As the Venus-Pluto square continues to separate today, there may be some clearer understandings of relationship dynamics around you, and jealousy or fear may rear their ugly heads. To take all of this in, and instead of harboring it or avoiding it, embrace it with the ability to cut your losses as necessary is what will prepare you for the next step of your journey.

This energy is enhanced by Mars in Gemini squaring off with Mercury in Pisces, which epitomizes this. At times Mars and Mercury can make you cut away more than you intended; however, the decisions that come from this planetary energy only involve those choices that you have been avoiding making for some time. In this sense, the longer a decision is put off, the more dramatic it will have to be.

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