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Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Ghost You, Ranked

Relationships can sometimes be tricky and messy. You can be into someone and really begin to like them. Perhaps you go on a few dates, drinks for happy hour, a funny movie, or a little brunch action. Once you think it’s finally going somewhere, the big hookup happens. You are elated when it does! You have been waiting for it to happen and wondering what it would be like. You feel even more connected now and are ready to keep evolving. 

Sometimes the outcome of this is good. You and your possible boo are both on the same page and want to head in the right direction.

But sometimes, everything is not so peachy keen. 

You are surprised when you don’t hear from your romantic partner the next day. No biggie — maybe they are just swamped with work. You send them a message just to let them know you are thinking of them. Still no reply later that night… okay, so maybe they fell asleep as soon as they got home? When the next day comes and still no answer, more excuses may flood in. Their phone must be broken! Maybe my text didn’t even send? Maybe something is wrong and they can’t even get to their phone?!?

Pretty soon the reality sets in. You just got ghosted. Never a good feeling and never fun, but it happens.

There are some zodiac signs that are more likely to ghost than others. Read on to see which signs are there for the long haul and which ones are just there for a good time. 

Zodiac signs who’ll ghost you, ranked from most to least likely

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