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7 Astrology Placements With Anxiety

Did you know that your birth chart placements can show you information regarding your mental health, emotional health and general well-being?

Some natal transits are more prone to depression and anxiety than others. The most important planets to look at in terms of depression or anxiety are the Sun, Moon, and Mercury. The Moon rules our emotional life, the Sun our core being and sense of self and Mercury our mental life and thinking/communication. Afflictions or hard aspects from Saturn, Neptune and Uranus can come into play when in harsh aspect with these personal planets and are typically common indicators of anxiety or other mental imbalances.

All people are not going to experience anxiety because of one or more of these combinations. The more of these combinations in the natal chart, however, the greater the chance of experiencing anxiety.

Planetary placements most likely to deal with anxiety

There are other combinations that can indicate anxiety in the birth chart, but these are some of the most widely known aspects.

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1. The Moon opposing, square or conjunct Neptune

Neptune is the planet of creativity and spirituality, but it is also called the planet of illusion, delusion and confusion. With these transits, you can sometimes form unrealistic attachments to others or misidentify others’ actions toward you.

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