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Aries Season 2023 — The Hoodwitch

  • March 20: The Sun enters Aries, initiating the astrological new year and spring equinox.

  • March 21: The New Moon in Aries brings hope and happiness to the beginning of spring. Set intentions and manifest your dreams today.

  • March 23: Pluto enters Aquarius, making transformative changes around the political system, tech and scientific advances, as well as major changes to our personal foundations. 

  • March  25: Mars enters Cancer, creating passive-aggressive responses from the collective. 

  • April 3: Mercury enters Taurus, urging us to stand by our words, decisions, and actions.

  • April 6: The Full Moon in Libra is asking us to make major decisions around relationships and commitment.

  • April 11: Venus enters Gemini, adding fun, spontaneity, and intellectualism to romance.

  • April 20: The Solar Eclipse in Aries is giving us the chance to start fresh and put ourselves first. 

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