You are currently viewing New Moon in Aries, Spring Equinox Astrology March 19th-25th, 2023

New Moon in Aries, Spring Equinox Astrology March 19th-25th, 2023

Sunday ~SPRING EQUINOX SOUND BATH with individual energy clearing 5:30-7:30  pm at Leapin Waters South Portland, Maine. Check the schedule to see if any spaces are still available. Kimber Lucier and Mario Escamilla will offer sound. Mercury shifts to Aries today at 12:24 am ET. Aquarius Moon aligns with Mars and is then void of course from 6:33 to 11:10 am ET. It’s likely to be activating and motivating. Group adventures, field trips, and gatherings are likely to be lively both Saturday night and Sunday. Pisces Moon adds other vibes as the day goes on. The Moon aligns with Saturn and Venus, and the former may inspire reorganizing and recommiting to personal intentions. Venus in Taurus sets conditions for emotional healing, forgiveness and also romance. Today’s color is Green.

Monday ~ Pisces Moon for the start of Spring. The Equinox, when the Sun shifts to Aries, is at 5:24 pm ET. The Sun also aligns with Pluto today for deeper meditations and intuitive hits. Grab your tarot cards or pendulum or schedule a session with a recommended reader or healer. Pisces Moon aligns with Uranus in Taurus and reasons to adapt and transform become clear. Notice what no longer works or could be improved and how that relates to your emotional well being. New Moon on the 0 degree of Aries tomorrow is a favorable time to respond and create that desired change. Today’s color is Orange.

Tuesday ~ New Moon in Aries at 1:28 pm ET, right on the cusp of the zodiac’s first sign. Everything new and fresh is favored. Initiate plans and take initial steps in your direction of choice. Aries spirit forges ahead with courage, drive and fire energy.

Pisces Moon begins the day meeting Neptune, aligning with Pluto and squaring Mars. To sum it up, there are mixed emotions and influences, and some will feel creative while others feel unmotivated. Take care of personal concerns first. Some morning yoga, meditation or sound therapy could set the tone for a more externally focused Aries Moon as it arrives at 12:01 pm ET (void moon prior to this is only 3 minutes long! As if to say, today is the day, do not press pause, press play!) New Moon meets Mercury newly in Aries tonight 9:34 pm ET, furthering forward movement, taking plans and ideas to the action stage, and encouraging refresh, change of scenery, travels, and all new pursuits. White is today’s color. 

Wednesday ~ Riding the New Moon wave, today is about initiative, motivation and also expanding opportunities and learning as Jupiter and the Moon meet. Aries energy dominates the day. Go to what draws you most strongly. Ask for a resounding yes and when you get that feeling, go with it. Red is our color today. (Crystals workshop 7-8:30 at Leaping Waters tonight for New Moon magic and crystal wisdom. Space is available for this workshop with Nico DePamphilis and it’s so much fun!)

Thursday ~ Aries Moon in harmony with Mars in Gemini feels like all systems firing, including the brain. Use brain power along with any physical power required today. In other words, put intelligence behind your movements and plans. We are likely to think and act fast or be around others who are in that mode. From 1:13 to 2:42 pm ET, the Moon is void of course and then in Taurus. Taurus Moon squares Pluto, brand newly in Aquarius, followed by a Moon square Saturn. All of this indicates dealing with serious things, comtemplating and potentially committing. Add intention and affirmation to all you do. The long term influence is at play. 

Pluto moves to Aquarius from 8:13 am ET until June 11, 2023. Part of this time Pluto is direct and in May Pluto turns retrograde before heading back to Capricorn. Pluto in Aquarius will change us from the inside with different perspectives, priorities and universal themes emerging through 2043/44! What kind of themes might Pluto in Aquarius bring up and forward? I believe technology changes, how we allocate and share resources, widespread meditation and healing practices increasing and becoming the norm, and evolution or revolution in how people and groups of people travel, engage in spiritual practices and beliefs, and the rise of a new generation to power and influence. These are just some stream of conscious thoughts. Pluto hasn’t visited Aquarius since the late 1700s. 

Today’s color is Gray, like Pluto’s muted tones.

Friday ~ Taurus Moon meets Venus and Uranus today! Changes in romantic and relationship life are likely. Surprise visits may be included. Emotions and feelings are buoyed by Venus and charged up by Uranus. This looks like a good day or night for a date or some sort of surprise. Change things up and enjoy something different. Wear Pink.

Saturday ~Mars is the fourth planet to change signs, following Mercury, Venus, and Pluto’s recent shifts. Mars isn’t super comfortable with the vibes of Cancer, so this cycle is always interesting to observe. Be aware of any passive aggressive situations or tendencies in yourself. Try not to bottle up feelings til they explode or implode. Find healthy outlets for strong, aggressive, assertive or negative feelings and impulses while Mars visits Cancer through May 20th. The Moon moves from Taurus to Gemini tonight. Taurus Moon in harmony with Neptune in Pisces adds emphasis on being outdoors, gardens, water, animals and plants. Find a way to make life more healthy, nurturing or comfortable for you or someone else today. Gemini Moon starts at 8:42 pm ET after about 8 hours void of course from 12:19 pm until then. The Moon and Pluto have their first Gemini/Aquarius conversation tonight, leading to collaborations and other ways of being and working together, differently from before. Wear Blue.

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