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March 20 – 26, 2023 Horoscopes Bring A Fresh Start To Love

The weekly love horoscope for March 20 – 26, 2023, is here with the start of Aries Season. As the Aries Season starts on a hot note with some major astrological changes in store, it is important to remember that sometimes an ending is something to celebrate. Nothing is worse than finally making it out of your most toxic relationship, only to be met with sympathy when you tell people you are breaking up or separating.

Some of it is the societal conditioning that remaining in a relationship, regardless of toxicity, is better than being single. Still, often, it is also the projection that many have of going through a similar life event. Yet, regardless of circumstances, an ending is something to celebrate. It does not mean that you should not process, mourn, cry it out or spend the evening with Ben & Jerry’s, but only that an ending means you are finished with that chapter. It means you learned something. You finished one level of your life and are ready for a new level — and hopefully, it also means that you have learned.

This week, it means that as Mars shifts into Cancer after a seven-month stay in Gemini and Pluto shifts into Aquarius after fifteen years in Capricorn, you could be headed as much for an ending as that brand new beginning that the Aries New Moon promises. It is a reminder from the universe that usually, in life and especially in love, there is always both.

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Regardless of which occurs first, an ending always follows a beginning, and a beginning is a catalyst for an ending. And that is burning everything down; in setting fire to what you cannot reconcile or align with, you are only stepping into your process of rebirth.

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