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3 Zodiac Signs With Lucky Love Horoscopes March 21, 2023

We’ve got a lot going for us these days, with the many powerful transits support things like love and friendship. New beginnings are plentiful, and renewed vows happen around this time of the year, as well. With Aries as our latest season and Spring in the air, we can’t help but want things to work out well; it’s as if it’s time to do some real Spring cleaning, and that means mentally, emotionally and physically.

Today brings us a New Moon in Aries, and while this isn’t automatically ‘the greatest news’ it can work well for those of us who want things to work well. In other words, New Moon energy is there to act like an original thought; if that thought is positive, it can manifest as something positive down the road. Today is the day we start to think positively so that we may manifest our love lives as blissful situations.

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On March 20, 2023, during the New Moon in Aries, three zodiac signs will lay down their weapons, so to speak, and make a choice for the better, when it comes to their relationships. The days of fighting it out are over; we are weary and drained and all we want is peace and love. If we concentrate on this, we will make it so, and we will do it together with the ones we love and cherish. This is an important day for couples, and it’s also a great day to set intentions for new love for those of us who are single and wish to have a romantic partner.

Three zodiac signs with the luckiest love horoscopes on March 21, 2023:

1. Cancer

(June 21 – July 22)

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