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Tarot Card Horoscope For Today, March 21, 2023

Today’s tarot card reading and horoscopes for Tuesday, March 21, 2023 hint that some of us are on the brink of change, and a few other zodiac signs feel a little bit stuck. The Moon will begin a new lunar phase. The Sun will be in Aries until March 19, 2022. So, it’s time to rethink the way you’ve always done things and start a new chapter in your life, and today’s card reading can help you do that.

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Learn what your zodiac sign’s daily tarot card reading has in store for you on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Tarot card: The Devil

Don’t give in to temptation, Aries. It will be hard to resist texting an ex who still holds a place in your heart. The goodbye is still fresh in your mind, almost like yesterday. The truth is hard to accept, though.

You’re in love with the past, a distant memory. Even if you did get back together now, you’d be starting fresh. You both have changed, and it’s best to leave this alone. As the saying goes, “If he wanted to, he would.’

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Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Tarot card: The World

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