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The 3 Stages Of Pluto’s Cycle Of Change –

Pluto is now in Aquarius! This is time to start again from a clean state, and become intentional about the life you want to co-create with the Universe.

To understand what to expect from Pluto in Aquarius, let’s get back to how Pluto transits work in general.

When Pluto ingresses in a new sign, it will completely transform the values, themes and modus operandi of that sign. The type of transformation Pluto generates is very profound. That’s why Pluto spends 20 years on average in each sign!

Although Pluto’s ways are by definition mysterious and beyond our control, understanding Pluto’s cycle of change will help us go with the flow of the Universe, rather than against it.

Pluto’s cycle of change is a 3-stage process that describes the way Pluto operates through our natal chart placement, and through transits.

The 3 Stages Of Pluto’s Cycle Of Change

The 3 stages of Pluto’s cycle of change are: 1) disempowerment, 2) awareness, and 3) transformation. The cycle follows what Carl Jung calls “individuation” or the process of becoming a distinct and integrated unity.

Understanding the natural sequence of this cycle will help us understand Pluto’s “final agenda”, put things into perspective and take ownership of the change process.

The 1st stage of Pluto’s process of change is disempowerment.

This is when we fail to assert our personal will, either because there are outside forces that prevent us from doing what we want, or because we are not aware of what we want.

We have our first experiences of disempowerment very early in life, for example when our parents – sometimes knowingly, mostly unknowingly – force their will on us and don’t feed us when we want to be fed. Or when we want to play, but are sent to bed. Or when an older child at school overpowers us physically.

Pluto disempowerment experiences are usually inflicted through emotional, psychological or physical abuse. There is always some sort of a display of power associated with these Plutonic experiences.

We realize that whoever is inflicting the Plutonic abuse on us, is well aware of it and does so with intention. There is usually an element of “I’m stronger than you, and I’ll use you to satisfy my own needs and desires”.

We know we are in this 1st Pluto stage “disempowerment” when we experience fear, angst, uncertainty and powerlessness.

The 2nd stage of Pluto’s process of change is awareness.

This is when we go into the underworld and try to understand what it is that is disempowering us. By re-living the initial disempowering episodes, we bring the unprocessed feelings and experiences from the subconscious, into the conscious.

This is the most intense stage of Pluto’s cycle of change, but also the most liberating one. In this stage, we may experience great distress, resistance, and feelings of being out of control.

It’s very important we don’t give up half-way through the process. The deeper the resistance, the deeper and deeper we want to go into our understanding, until we find acceptance and release.

If we don’t succumb to the pressure and the “awareness” phase goes well, we’ll eventually find our true power. Not a power that seeks to control, take advantage of, and win, but a power that seeks to express one’s truth in a way that serves the best interests of humanity at large.

We know we’re in this stage when we find release or catharsis, and gain a new understanding of ourselves.

Finally, the 3rd stage is transformation through action.

This is when we get our power back, but instead of acting from our individual, selfish, ‘Mars’ wants and needs, we act responsibly and in the best interest of the collective.

This process of transformation is continuous, because our actions need to be regularly challenged and aligned with our environment. We know we’re in this stage when we find a sense of flow, and feel energized and alive.

This stage is not the end. The process of individuation is aspirational in nature. It’s a ‘moving towards’, rather than a ‘getting there’.

With Pluto, we cannot skip stages. We have to go to the underworld. We may find ourselves at different stages in the Pluto cycle of change at different times in our life.

If you’re not sure in which transformation phase you are in, pay attention to your feelings: do you feel fear? That’s the 1st stage. Do you feel catharsis and release? That’s the 2nd stage. Do you feel alive, energized and in flow with the Universe? That’s stage number 3.

PLUTO IN AQUARIUS – A New World, A New You

Pluto’s cycle of change is just one of the many concepts we cover in “PLUTO IN AQUARIUS – A New World, A New You”.

To understand what to expect from Pluto in Aquarius, a prerequisite is understanding what Pluto stands for, and how Pluto operates.

That’s why in the 1st module of the program, we focus solely on Pluto.

This 1st module comes with various lessons that give us a comprehensive understanding of Pluto: from Pluto in myth, to Pluto in astronomy, to key Pluto attributes, to Plutonic celebrities case study, to the Pluto cycle of change (what we briefly covered in this email), to assignments that will help you internalize the learning.

In addition to the course material, on March 28th, 2023 we also offer a live Pluto meditation to help you get in touch with this archetype experientially.

The meditation is offered either at 9:00 AM or 3:00 PM PDT (you can choose the one that works for your time zone) and if you can’t make it live, you can watch the recording.

And this is just the 1st Module of the program. In Module 2, we focus on the role Pluto plays in your chart, in Module 3, on Pluto’s transits, and finally, in Module 4 we are ready to explore Pluto in Aquarius.

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