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3 Zodiac Signs Need To Be Love The Most On March 28, 2023, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter

Jupiter is in the house today, meaning we’ll dream big dreams and see big future visions. It’s always good to have a Jupiter transit; however, today’s cosmic influence comes from Mercury conjunct Jupiter, which puts a different spin on the power of the largest planet in our solar system. Because Mercury is now involved, we will see how our big dreams can become big, needy obsessions. On March 28, 2023, during Mercury conjunct Jupiter, zodiac signs will go from wanting to be loved to needing it desperately

The thing about having big dreams is that, sooner or later, we actually want to see them come true. We want our love lives to start looking like our visions, and when things don’t start coming true immediately, we begin to get antsy and frustrated; this leads us to feel even needier, and during transits like Mercury conjunct Jupiter, we become bottomless pits of need. And we all know how that goes: nothing can fill a bottomless pit.

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We’re not just talking about wanting the attention of a partner; we are looking at the grand scheme of things. We want to be loved, accepted, cared for, and promised…we want the world because that’s what Jupiter wants us to want, but when in conjunction with Mercury, we want what isn’t available at the moment, and that is what brings our day to a crashing halt. We need things we can’t even put a finger on; we just…need.

Three zodiac signs need to be loved the most on March 28, 2023:

1. Libra

(September 23 – October 22)

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