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Planetary news this week: The creative power of Mind with Mercury

Astrological update for the week of March 27 – April 3, 2023

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The importance of Mind in our lives. What we think of as “mind” – the purview of Mercury, is not the same as the brain. The brain is the physical organ which facilitates the workings of the mental functions, but the mind is driven by consciousness. How we perceive about the world and filter our experiences is driven by the mind, and can be explained astrologically by Mercury placements in the natal chart.

The power of the mind to create and imagine is well understood, but the mind (Mercury) often becomes tangled with emotions (Moon), self-indulgence (Venus), unmet needs (Mars), secret yearnings (Jupiter), and self-doubt (Saturn). When the mind is clear of distractions and these tangles which inhibit the activation of our thoughts are quiet, magic can happen.

This week there are no major planetary interactions to dominate the airwaves, and the planetary activity is focused mainly on the mental realm. How easily can we focus our thoughts and strategize our way to a goal? What distractions keep us from the experiences we crave? These are topics which might come up this week under this emphasis of Mercury alignments.

Here’s what else you need to know this week (Dates and times are for the Eastern time zone, here is a time zone converter to adjust for your locality.)

Monday March 27. As if to emphasize the point, we begin the week with the Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini, and a strong Mercury/Jupiter aspect building throughout Monday to peak just after midnight. The focus right now is on communication, language, learning, and understanding. There is an opportunity to learn from our experiences as every aspect of our lives deepens our awareness and inner knowledge.

Monday’s lunar aspects are primarily harmonious and creative, and there is an emphasis on positivity and optimism that can be used for visionary problem solving. (Moon sextile Chiron 1:40 am, sextile Mercury 3:39 am, sextile Jupiter 6:57 am, square Neptune 9:39 pm.)

Tuesday March 28. The Mercury/Jupiter aspect lingers throughout Tuesday, helping us to expand our thinking and dream big. The Moon moves into Cancer early in the morning, though, and Cancer is not much of a big dreamer – Cancer’s concern is on feelings and security. We are all likely to be a little more moody when the Moon is in its own sign, making this the perfect time for self-examination and introspection. (Mercury conjunct Jupiter 2:50 am, Moon square Ceres 4:02 am, Moon enters Cancer 6:22 am, conjunct Mars 9:19 am, trine Saturn 11:03 am, square Sun 10:32 pm.)

Wednesday March 29. The dominance of Mercury fades mid-week, and the Cancer Moon puts the emphasis on feelings and emotions over thoughts and ideas. Today’s lunar aspects combine supportive energies with challenging ones, and since we are highly sensitive now we may run into some emotional challenges, especially mid-day EDT.

Many of us are largely out of touch with how we feel and what it means, and these sensitive times can be very instructive. This is a good day to breathe through any anxieties and see where hard edges can be softened. (Moon sextile Venus 12:49 pm, square Chiron 1:08 pm, sextile Uranus 3:39 pm, square Jupiter 7:34 pm.)

Thursday March 30. Thursday brings lots of planetary juice and helps to facilitate the shaking off of any cobwebs that may have accumulated over the past few days. A harmonious Mars/Saturn aspect provides the needed focus and motivation to accomplish even difficult tasks, and a Venus/Uranus combination breathes new life into our dealings with others. Then the Moon enters Leo in the evening to provide an impetus for joy and sunshine over the next few days.

(Moon square Mercury 2:29 am, trine Neptune 9:45 am, sextile Ceres 3:02 pm, Mars trine Saturn 3:03 pm, Venus conjunct Uranus 6:25 pm, Moon enters Leo 6:31 pm, Moon opposite Pluto 6:46 pm.)

Friday March 31. Today is a rest day! Enjoy the sunshine and find something which gives you joy.

Saturday April 1. The weekend forecast is dominated by lunar aspects. The Moon is still in Leo on Saturday, but our own needs may interfere with our ability to create ease in our relationships with others especially in the morning. If any such situations arise they will likely blow over in a few hours and the rest of the day the Sun shines through the Leo Moon and brings general harmony. (Moon trine Chiron 2:01 am, square Uranus 4:30 am, square Venus 8:06 am, trine Jupiter 9:24 am.)

Sunday April 2. The Moon enters Mercury-ruled Virgo today bringing the focus back to the mind. Virgo’s tendency to organize our lives into categories and find ways to improve things makes Sunday a very good time for any kind of activity which brings order into our lives, especially in the middle of the day. (Moon trine Mercury 2:02 am, Moon enters Virgo 6:57 am, Moon opposite Saturn 12:44 pm, sextile Mars 3:07 pm.)

Mercury enters Taurus on Monday and makes a difficult aspect to Pluto, so getting some mental rest on Sunday will help you to prepare for the following week. ❤️

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