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3 Zodiac Signs Have Bad Timing In Love On May 6, 2023

Three zodiac signs have bad timing in love on May 6. 2023. The problem with today’s transit, Moon trine Neptune, is that it will have many of us so deeply entrenched in the workings of our minds that we will miss the point of what’s actually going on in the reality of our worlds. Neptune tends to keep us in that mental space, but on May 6, that mental space will be a vast container of thought that doesn’t let go. We may even think we’re doing the right thing by overthinking something. We may think that is necessary and required, especially regarding love.

We think we need to sort things out before making our move when all we are really doing is missing the moment. Today we blow our opportunity because we just couldn’t see that we needed to strike while the iron was hot. We waited too long and can only affirm that we have bad timing in love.

May 6, brings us the right time to do the wrong thing, and by the ‘wrong thing,’ we mean sticking inside our heads and not actually stepping outside where real life is taking place. We may have someone in our lives that we want to impress; we like them a lot, and we want to be the special person in their life to get to that place where we are so impressive. We spend a little too much time wondering how we can be that person. We take too much time during Moon trine Neptune and ruin our chances. Not fair, but still … we are the ones who created that.

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And so, Taurus, Gemini and Pisces will be kicking ourselves for missing out on the right timing. And you know, you can’t get something like that back, although it’s not a terrible idea to try. The entire point is not to overthink it. If you think, you stink. Love must come with spontaneity and risk; trust in this and make your move. Don’t hesitate so long that you miss your big op.

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