You are currently viewing Mercury Retrograde’s Final Phase ~ Astrology for May 7th to 13th, 2023

Mercury Retrograde’s Final Phase ~ Astrology for May 7th to 13th, 2023

 Yoga & Events this Week

REIKI & SOUND HEALING SESSIONS SUNDAY with Tara Moulton 10 am & 11:15 am

30 or 60 minutes, sign up at on the schedule

POST ECLIPSE SOUND BATH with Rachel Rivera 6:00-7:15 pm Sunday

Choose aerial hammock or resting on a mat with props for this very special evening of energy cleansing

Rachel Rivera pictured

I’ll be teaching at Greener Postures in South Portland Monday 12:00-1:00 pm Vinyasa Flow

Aerial Decompression 5:30 pm Wednesday & Sundays May 7th & 14th 9:30 am at Leaping Waters 

Also, check out Sunday, May 21st for Aerial Yin & Meditation with Sound Bath by Mario

RSVP for all events in advance, with payment



Sunday, May 7th ~ In the wake of two eclipses and during Mercury retrograde, things might not seem usual and you may be revisiting some past problems, themes or other recurrences. Venus changes signs and moves to emotional, sensitive Cancer at 10:25 am ET. In love and close relationships, be aware of things that could create defensive responses in you or someone else. Also, this can be a romantic, sweet time of bonding with lover, family or children and even pets. Notice what makes your heart feel awake and alive. 

Sagittarius Moon for freedom of movement and thinking. Do something out of the ordinary today. Wear Orange.

Monday ~Sagittarius Moon square to Neptune in Pisces & in harmony with Jupiter in Aries. This leans us into doing our own thing. Inspiration and motivation could increase with this fire sign emphasis. However, things are not in a reliable mode, so remain unpressured or indecisive and maybe just explore possibilities. Void Moon 4:28 pm to 7:33 pm ET. Capricorn Moon opposes Venus tonight. Relationship focus could be both practical and romantic. Wear Navy or Midnight Blue.

Tuesday ~ Capricorn Moon aligns with Saturn in Pisces & Mercury retrograde in Taurus. One thing about this retrograde, from my perspective, is it’s physicality and emphasis on the body, injuries, and healing. Saturn is teeth and bones and in Pisces relates also to the feet. Take care of your physical well being in any way and avoid overlooking symptoms and issues. Mercury in Taurus relates to the neck and throat. Schedule some body work such as a massage or acupuncture, if that speaks to you. 

The Sun and Uranus meet, with wild and accelerated (or seemingly rapid) news of change, possibly enthusiasm, and instigating in general. This is also a call to authentic self, authentic ways of interacting and being. As we become more authentic, original and decline to conform, there are surprises and reactions from others. Today’s color is Green.

Wednesday ~Capricorn Moon with several planetary aspects. One effect is to feel productive. Do a little something to move toward a goal or aspiration. Mercury is still retrograde until Sunday, so keep things adjustable and pencil things in. Mars in Cancer opposite the Moon might agitate family or home matters. Can we stay grounded and in the flow, more relaxed and trusting of outcomes? The Moon and Sun are aligned in earth signs, getting us more steady and focused, potentially. Feel what your body says and use physical, sensory intuition and information wisely. Void Moon 7:52 pm ET until 10:05 pm. Aquarius Moon moves in and meet retrograde Pluto. This could be uncomfortable, such as overly reflective or overthinking. Soften the rough edges. Let yourself dream and not dwell. Today’s color is Black.

Thursday ~ Aquarius Moon square to Mercury retrograde. Stubborn and stuck places become obvious. Agreements aren’t likely to come easily. Working in groups and collaborating, be aware that ideas may not initially be welcome or well received and that includes constructive criticism and reviews. The more easygoing the better, for now. Today’s color is Turquoise.

Friday ~ Mercury retrograde is winding down. Can you wait it out before that major move or discussion? Today, mercury and saturn align and important contemplations come up and might be discussed. Save final commitments for later next week or at least until Monday, if you can. If not, leave room for flexibility to make changes. Aquarius Moon squares the Sun and Uranus for more energy around the Sun/Uranus conjunction. This has a huge impact on today. Breakthroughs are necessary and require effort and willingness to change and to be ourselves rather than compete and compare ourselves with other people. Themes like this dominate this part of the week. Void Moon 11:15 pm to 12:39 am ET (Saturday).

Mercury and Venus align for more compassion and understanding. Overtones of reminiscing, missing, and sentimentality fuel connections and conversations. Pink is today’s color.

Saturday ~ Pisces Moon from 12:39 am on through the weekend. Mercury stations direct on Sunday at 11:17 pm ET. The end of the retrograde can emphasize all the qualities we associate with this cycle. Hold steady, take your time, revisit or review something worth your while and leave the rest for later this month. Venus aligns with Saturn and Saturn meets the Moon, so take relationship matters into strong consideration and avoid being neglectful or insensitive. Even if it can’t be resolved or solved today, reassurance that you care goes a long way. Our emotions may feel intense, especially if they’re on the moody or sad spectrum. I also see alot of caring and compassion rising to the surface today. Let someone help or reassure or care for you and notice if you resist any of that. Ask yourself why. Wear or meditate with Light Blue today. 

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