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Each Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope For The Week Of May 8 – 14, 2023

Your weekly horoscope for May 8 – 14, 2023 is here for all zodiac signs. This week brings us a lineup of transits that have the potential to give us life-changing experiences. We start this week with the Moon square Saturn and Venus in Cancer.

Right off the bat, we’re looking at how we can’t take criticism and how overly sensitive we can be about it. Moving briskly into Moon square Neptune, we get to see how we will overthink something so hard that we may miss the entire point of why we’re thinking about it in the first place. Kick in Moon opposite Venus, and we’ll be able to blame it all on love … and our love lives.

As the week progresses, we’ve good Moon trine Mercury to undo the damage we’ve done in our love lives by allowing us to cop some good communication skills. With Sun-conjunct Uranus as a helper, we might develop some truly brilliant and unique ideas. The Moon will enter Aquarius on the 11th, creatively keeping us on our toes. Moon conjunct Pluto may dance by humbling us, as it’s never really happy until we doubt ourselves. What a drag this transit can be!

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As Mercury sextile with Saturn, we will find that we take responsibility for our words and that we start to get a hint that what we say has value. The payoff comes with Moon sextile Jupiter, as we find out that everything we have fought for is about to bring us what we ultimately want — the weekends nicely with the Moon in Pisces and Venus trine Saturn. Romance may be tricky this week, but for those who rise above the nagging little issues, so much good is to come of it all. How will the week play out for the beloved astrological signs?

Horoscope for the week of May 8 – 14, 2023:


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