4 Zodiac Signs Quit Trying To Work Things Out For Love May 8 – 14, 2023

One would be hard-pressed to declare the ending of a relationship for others, by means of astrological prediction, but one thing is for sure: it CAN happen, and what’s meant here is that during the week of May 8 – 14, when three zodiac signs quit trying to work things out for love.

The transits that loom large are here to create havoc and three zodiac signs will most definitely be affected by them, possibly to the point of noticing that they are not only out of love with the person they were once in love with, but that the relationship itself is on the way out the door, as well.

With our week starting out with Venus in Cancer, we can automatically assume that tempers will fly and feelings will be hurt. As it progresses into the Moon opposite Venus, it’s almost guaranteed that those hurt feelings will be ‘the beginning of the end’ when it comes to romance and relationships.

While the astrological transits of the week can provoke anyone into ending their relationship, the reality of the situation will fall on to four specific zodiac signs, as these are the signs that are most affected by the transits of the week. Moon trine Uranus might bring great good luck to Aquarius, while it may have the reverse effect on Leo. And with Moon opposing Mars at play, we can almost guarantee that Aries is not going to have a good time this week, where love and romance is concerned.

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We may also see that the zodiac sign of Pisces could run into some trouble, emotionally as Venus trine Saturn could toy with self-confidence, and then there’s Mercury sextile Saturn, which will flip the lid on all communications coming from those born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Moon square Mercury comes in to seal the deal. This is the week when these four zodiac signs not only see trouble in paradise, they do something about it.

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