Sunday poetry: The kindest people

There is a lot of abrasion in the world right now – I suppose there are many reasons for this and not all of them are astrological. But one thing continues to be true: A little kindness can go a long way in spreading compassion and bringing sunlight into dark places. Venus enters Cancer today, enhancing our ability to feel deeply and share these feelings with others.

This poem describes the ways in which we can turn our own traumas and suffering into compassion and beauty and really spoke to me today. 💖

The kindest people
are not born that way,

they are made.

They are the ones
who have dug themselves
out of the dark,

who have fought to turn
every loss into a lesson.

The kindest people
don’t just exist
they choose to soften
where circumstance
has tried to harden them,

they choose to believe
in goodness
because they have seen
firsthand why compassion
is so necessary.

They have seen firsthand
why tenderness is so
important in this world.

Bianca Sparacino


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