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3 Zodiac Signs Can’t Stop Thinking About Their Ex On May 10, 2023

On May 10, 2023, during Mercury square Pluto, there will be three zodiac signs that can’t stop thinking about an ex. Many of us won’t be able to stop ourselves from going over old memories, and you know how that goes, or rather … where that goes: always to past loves and exes that rocked our worlds.

We may not be planning a reunion with these people from our pasts, but we certainly will have them on our minds, like, obsessively, and almost bordering on weird. Yes, we are THOSE people, and if we are born under one of these three zodiac signs — Cancer, Libra and Pisces — we let the obsessions run amok, folks because Mercury square Pluto isn’t just about having a sweet little thing. It’s about going over every single detail as if we are looking for DNA specimens for the crime lab.

So, get ready to reminisce like it’s your profession, zodiac signs. The idea of being unable to stop thinking about an ex will exponentially increase on May 10. We may start with a small smile over a fond memory, and within a few hours of that first reminiscence, we will be on a mind-search for every single thing we can remember about that person … that person who did this, that, and the other thing, whether good or bad. We just can’t stop thinking about the one who is no longer there, and for some, it will bother us deeply, while for others, it’s just another day at the crime lab.

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The thing with Mercury square Pluto is that it’s all about obsessive love and healing, and starting Wednesday, the thinking brings up old memories. We may find that in reviewing the old memories, we figure things out — things we needed to know to move on properly. So, which three zodiac signs will not be able to stop thinking about their exes today?

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