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3 Zodiac Signs With Lucky In Love Horoscopes On May 10: Venus Sextile Node

What brings about feelings of luck in love for three zodiac signs on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, comes from a new sensation: the one of being totally healed. When we are in pain and either healing from heartbreak or some negative circumstance we know requires time enough for us to get past it, we rarely think about what it will feel like when we finally are past it. We dwell on the moment … we feel our pain through our healing days, and as it gets lighter and more bearable, we rarely see an actual ending. Instead, we believe our pain will become lighter or light enough not to notice it at all.

On May 10, however, we are looking at Venus sextile Node, and this transit brings on the closure, the true healing and the recognition within us that this pain is now ‘over.’ During Venus sextile Node, we can see we have made room for new love and experience in our hearts. We are no longer locked into this obligation we create for ourselves, where we bear the burden of heartache for some time.

The time is now, and on May 10, three zodiac signs will declare ourselves free from the heartache that has dominated our lives for so long. Today is the day we open to new love and romance, and we do it with a clear conscience and a new and welcomed enthusiasm. We want to try. We WANT to try again.

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Three zodiac signs will feel this in the gut, as Venus sextile Node relies on instinct and being truthful with ourselves. We are here to feel good about life, which means we make a space in our hearts where love can return.

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