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A Hospice Nurse Shares Fascinating Observations About Zodiac Signs

Astrology is considered a pseudoscience, one that has both its fair share of believers and deniers. While some religiously check in with their daily horoscopes, others find it hard to believe that, as unique as each individual is, our inherent traits can simply be boiled down to a date of birth represented by a single zodiac sign.

While astrology goes much deeper than Sun signs, our Sun signs are believed to reflect our identity and how we shine in the presence of others. Our Sun traits will be displayed when interacting with others. At work, school, or other social settings, people can see our Sun reflected in our actions.

When we don’t have the energy to curate a persona for others, it appears that these may in fact be the traits that they see, as a person who works in hospice care explains in a Reddit post.

“i don’t know if i believe in astrology or not but i work in hospice and nursing care and we have some observations,” they write. “astrology can’t be real. but it low key is. so here are the common things we’ve noticed.”

Hospitals and hospices are ruled by the 12th house. I think the 12th house is where some of our vulnerabilities may be shown to others. The traits they described in the post were pretty spot on with some of the defining characteristics of each zodiac sign.


“aries are fully committed to letting you take care of them. they literally go limp when you have to carry or move them.”

Their observation made me think of a 12th-house Aries Sun who would be cooperative since they are less ego-driven. They would be more focused on finding a good balance for everyone they are surrounded by. The Martian energy is cooled down in the 12th and utilized to help the collective, instead of the individual.

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