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How To Text A Man Based On His Zodiac Sign

Texting can make or break a relationship. Some people flourish via text messaging and some people just can’t seem to make it work the right way. Fortunately, astrology can offer some helpful advice on how to text a guy.

Knowing which of the 12 zodiac signs a man was born under can tell you a lot about the kind of cute texts he’d love to get from you most.

Whether you and your boyfriend (or husband) love to converse via written words or tend to flop in that arena, everyone has some room for improvement on the texting front. If the two of you haven’t been communicating as well as you’d like to IRL, or if you’ve been getting into a lot of fights lately, try looking to the stars for some major help so you can text him in a way that makes him feel loved and understood.

Sending sweet text messages to the man in your life is also a great thing to do when everything is going well and you just want to make sure it stays that way. The right cute texts can help ensure your relationship will last for a long time because the thoughtfulness you put into them makes the person who receives them feel appreciated.

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But don’t think that you can send the same text message to a Taurus man that you would to an Aquarius male and expect that it will have the same effect. One of the wonderful things about astrology is the diversity of traits among each of the zodiac signs, and when it comes to texting, like anything else, you’ve got to be mindful of his Sun sign‘s preferences. Knowing his likes and dislikes will help you write the perfect text for your special guy.

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