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Luck In Love Runs Out For 3 Zodiac Signs Starting May 10 Thanks To Pluto Retrograde

On May 10, 2023, during Pluto retrograde, three zodiac signs feel like their luck in love has run out. If there’s one thing we all tend to have in common, we literally think we have all the time in the world to do whatever we want. While we’re used to saying things like, ‘My biological clock is ticking.’

We fear that we will run out of time on ‘certain things,’ the truth is that we never account for the fact that life … doesn’t last and that even if we live to ripe old ages, the ability to live that life really has to happen without a certain time frame. Can one fall in love at 75 and travel the world with that new lover? Sure thing! Will it be easy, painless and as carefree as it would be if we were in our 20s or 30s? Nope-itty-nope-nope.

Pluto retrograde introduces an intense desire to change our lives. We don’t have forever, and even though we have a long time here, we have to hustle if we’re not going to take up at 75, filled with regrets for not having tried hard enough. Now, this is all contingent on the idea that we WANT to be in a relationship, grow a family or simply be with someone for a long time in a romantic way. If love isn’t your interest, then next window, please…

However, very few don’t want love or a partner to grow old with, and during Pluto retrograde, ye olde biological clock will chime very loudly, and we wake up because of that sound. This day is not about conceding to time but respecting it by knowing that if we don’t work within its parameters, we will have no time left.

Do not let that window shut because if you think you have forever to fall in love, just imagine how it will feel being an older adult romping across the world in a romantic frenzy. Is this you? Are you one of the zodiac signs that need to wake up?

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