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The 3 Stages Of Each Zodiac Sign

Knowing our Sun sign is only the first step to understanding the importance astrology plays in our life. Like a guidebook from the cosmos, the deeper we travel into its mysteries the clearer ourselves and our life path can become.

Our natal or birth chart isn’t fixed, but it’s fluid. Our zodiac signs experience different stages of life. This means that as we learn, grow and evolve, what our charts represent at birth evolves from undeveloped to mature. By the final stage of life, we’ve learned the lessons that we’ve been meant to.

Part of this is understanding that within each zodiac sign there are three life phases that relate to your age and energies.

Each life phase is represented by a symbol that is often associated with that particular sign. Where we are with our lessons will determine what symbol we resonate with, yet even if we find that we’re not as far along on our path as we had hoped, it doesn’t mean all is lost. Life is a journey, and it wouldn’t make sense to have achieved all that we were meant to early on in. Instead, it’s about looking at our life honestly and with gentleness so that we can not only accept all that has already been woven into the fabric of our life, but also all that is yet to be.

What are the 3 stages of zodiac signs?

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First stage of zodiac signs

This is where we all are when we’re born. We begin here in a space where we are what others tell us we are — even the superficial qualities of our zodiac sign. We feel limited, we look outside of ourselves for answers, and when we find what we need we inevitably move on. While a part of this phase will forever remain with us, as we grow, we will also outgrow those parts of our lives that we thought we needed around this time.

Second stage of zodiac signs

During this phase, we are in crisis, turmoil, and often chaos. This is the moment of becoming for all signs. The space between who we thought we were (First Phase) and who we will become (Third Phase). But we don’t get polished into a diamond by ease but by challenges. This is when we’re tested and when we have to come to terms with life not going as planned, with loss and even multiple tests from the universe. Oftentimes this phase of life can be more solitary, even if only internally as we come to terms with our truth and who we are. Then once we have, it’s as if we rise into a completely different version of ourselves.

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