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What To Expect During Your Chiron Return

Chiron is known as the ‘wounded healer’ in astrology. It reveals the psychic wounds we have brought over from past lives and also marks the areas where we routinely get injured or feel pain because of external circumstances that are out of our control. The Chiron sign and astrology house in your birth chart can give you the full picture of your “wounded destiny” and how you can transmute it.

When a transiting planet, point or asteroid returns to the exact degree and zodiac sign of its natal counterpart in your birth chart, we call it a “return.” Chiron is one of the slower-moving asteroids with respect to Earth, taking about 50 years to make a full transit, meaning most people experience a Chiron return only once in their lifetime, sometime around the age of 50.

Here’s what happens when you experience a Chiron return.

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1. Consequences of bad decisions become obvious.

We pick up many wounds as we go through life, and we face many turning points of critical decisions (whether we realize it or not). All this adds up to either a life lived with minimal regrets and problematic decisions, or a ticking time bomb that eventually explodes. Chiron return is that ticking time bomb for many people and is partly responsible for the dreaded “mid-life crisis.” Chiron return usually makes the consequences of our actions and decisions very obvious. The wounds can no longer be suppressed or ignored and the mountain we have been trying to hide under the rug cannot be brushed aside. Chiron return makes it incredibly difficult to escape reality and the consequences of our bad decisions.

2. Painful experiences occur.

Just like the centaur Chiron was wounded accidentally in Greek mythology, Chiron return often brings a painful experience into your life that cannot be avoided. This can range from the death of a dear family member to getting into a literal traffic accident or getting laid off from your work after serving a company for 25 years. The nature of it depends on the zodiac sign and house of your natal Chiron. 

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