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What you Need to Know about Jupiter in Taurus, 2023

What to expect as Jupiter enters Taurus

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, which means it’s both stabilizing and grounding. When planets are in Taurus, they have the ability to slowly, even stubbornly, make something beautiful and long-lasting. Imagine the cultivation of a beautiful and prolific garden. From the first seeds to the flowering rose bush, a great deal of persistence and patience is required.

Like all earth signs, Taurus connects to the natural and material worlds. This is a sign that enjoys luxury and lavishness. Its style comes to life through fancy chenille pajamas, cups of handcrafted artisanal tea, and home-grown tomatoes, fresh from the vine. In this way, Taurus represents the riches of our planet as well as how we experience those riches through our senses.

When Jupiter enters Taurus, it therefore magnifies the sensory experience of life and seeks to ensure that there’s plenty of the Earth’s bounty to go around. In this sign, Jupiter cultivates abundance through dedication and patience. It urges us to connect with ourselves and our communities through a deep appreciation of the physical world. During this time, we can use Jupiter’s magic to nurture our literal seedlings and our grand plans for the future.

While Jupiter is in Taurus, we can expect to experience:

  • A more relaxed pace
  • Reciprocal exchanges and generosity
  • Heightened persistence and resilience
  • Growth through reliability
  • A greater communion with nature
  • An abundance of sensual pleasures

Though we may encounter these shifts in a general sense, we’ll mostly experience them in the area of our chart that contains Taurus. (To learn where the planet of plenty is showing up for you, read your Jupiter in Taurus horoscope, which will be released on May 16th.)

No matter what placements you have in Taurus, we’ll all experience an overall slowing of the pace. Since Taurus is about pausing from preoccupations to appreciate the goodness that surrounds us, the tempo of life will feel more luxurious and steady.

The caveat: Be careful not to get swept up

The last time Jupiter toured through Taurus was from June 2011 to June 2012. During that period, we witnessed the birth of Occupy Wall Street — a movement created to address economic inequality by occupying physical space in the financial heart of the country. Whenever Jupiter is in Taurus, it asks us to stabilize our resources and life on this planet. That involves examining how our economic structures work, identifying what’s not sustainable, and making radical changes to the status quo. But it also brings potential imbalances.

During this last Jupiter in Taurus transit, the first of the Hunger Games movies was also released, which served as a literal nod to Jupiterian appetites in the fixed earth sign. This franchise highlighted the shadow side of Jupiter in Taurus, which can lead to resource-hoarding, greed complexes, and an overall increase in materialism.

Now, Jupiter’s next stint in Taurus will amplify this shadow side, thanks to the fact that North Node will be occupying the same sign for the first two months. The North Node is a point in space known to activate insatiable appetites. With Jupiter in the picture too, that hunger could be focused on sustainable growth and life’s pleasures — such as the fragrance of wildflowers, the feeling of the spring Sun on your skin, or enjoying your favorite meal. But if not kept in check, it could lead to scarcity mindsets, greed, and overindulgence. So by all means, lean in to the generous side of Jupiter, but be wary of the consumptive side — and remember to invite others to enjoy Jupiter’s spoils with you.

Since Jupiter acts as a magnifier and the North Node increases hunger and ambition, too much of a good thing could go south during this transit. Because of this, we’ll want to watch out for the following while Jupiter is in Taurus:

  • Insatiable desires
  • Overindulgence
  • Scarcity mindsets
  • Rampant materialism
  • Wastefulness
  • Greed complexes

Instead of striving for one dopamine hit after another, let your insatiability point you toward your deeper needs. Your hunger and ambition are powerful tools that can help you refine your goals and cultivate a path that feels gratifying in the long term.

To find out what Jupiter will amplify in your own life, visit the Chart tab of the CHANI app, or pull up your birth chart with our online tool, and review if you have planets or points in Taurus. This will indicate the parts of your life that will receive an extra boost. If you don’t have any planets or points in this sign, note which house (read: area of life) Taurus falls within. Expect a surge of growth, luck, or excitement in this corner of your life over the coming year.

If you have Jupiter in Taurus in your birth chart, this is your Jupiter return

Is your natal Jupiter in Taurus? If so, the fairy godmother is greeting you at the gates and directing you to pass Go and collect your bounty. Jupiter returns only happen every 12 years, so pay attention to this moment. You can read more about your Jupiter return — and what you have to look forward to — here.

8 ways to work with Jupiter in Taurus

  1. Savor the simple sweetness of life and share it with others. Swap favorite songs with friends. Anoint yourself with essential oils. Take your time preparing a favorite meal for yourself or someone you love. Jupiter in Taurus will illuminate the many shapes and textures that life’s pleasures can take. Enjoy them all.
  2. Nurture your seedlings. Make a succulent cutting your next (or first) indoor plant. Cultivate a balcony or community garden and grow exotic tomatoes with your friends. Watching your plants flourish will reveal the bounty that a little care and attention can create.
  3. Luxuriate in nature. Read a book under a tree. Visit a botanical garden. Plan a meal outside with friends, or take your lunch break outside. Doing so will help you connect with Jupiter’s abundance in Taurus and remind you of the spoils you’re already surrounded by.
  4. Tune into what your insatiable hunger is trying to tell you. Instead of seeking instant gratification or consumption for the sake of it, investigate what your hunger is communicating about your deeper needs. Journaling, therapy, and meditation are all tools that can help you trace your desires to their deeper, more mysterious roots.
  5. Slow down. Let your calendar reflect a gentler pace. Jupiter in Taurus helps you grow through persistence, resilience, and reliability. Resisting urgency culture is a powerful step to honor your body’s rhythms and avoid exhaustion.
  6. Listen to the Astrology of the Week Ahead podcast as well as Your Reading in the “This Week” section of the CHANI app for a more in-depth look at how Jupiter in Taurus will personally impact you.
  7. Learn how Jupiter in Taurus is influencing your birth chart by checking your Transits in the CHANI app. You can also find out how your rising sign will be impacted by reading your Current Sky horoscope for Jupiter in Taurus.
  8. Utilize the Guided Meditation, Journal Prompts, Altar Suggestions, and Ritual in the “This Week” section of the CHANI app and channel the magic that comes with Jupiter in Taurus.


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